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    Precise Home Builders

    Professional Construction & Remodeling services in Los Angeles, CA

    Precise Home Builders has been active in the Greater Area of Los Angeles since 1987, offering a full-range of construction and remodeling services. Our mission is to make your remodeling process as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. From the initial stages to completion, we strive to provide excellent service and unique results. Over the years we have established strong relationships with architects, interior designers and trusted suppliers, all of whom respect our commitment to our clientele and are well aware of our demanding standards. You will be assisted by a personal project manager throughout each phase of the renovation process, and our experience and know-how will meet and exceed your high expectations. In today's financial reality, it’s wise to save money while adding value to your home.

    Complete Home Remodel Reviews

    18 Days kitchen Remodeling

    18 Days Kitchen Remodeling

    Have you always dreamed of having a custom kitchen that you can brag about, but don’t want to deal with a lengthy renovation?
    12 Days Bathroom Remodeling

    12 Days Bathroom Remodeling

    Envision yourself in a new and serene bathroom; a unique space that feels like your own personal spa at home.
    Room Addition & New Construction

    Room Addition & New Construction

    Did you know you don't have to move to have a bigger house to have more room? We can build the extra living space you want.
    Swimming Pool & Spa Construction

    Swimming Pool & Spa Construction

    Imagine your very own swimming pool; an oasis in your backyard. Now imagine all the outdoor living fun that comes with it. Let's get digging!  
    Customer's Reviews

    Premier Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA

    Precise Home Builders leads the way in stylish and contemporary kitchen remodeling services. We serve the greater Los Angeles area and provide top quality kitchen renovation services to homeowners from Redondo Beach to Thousand Oaks, California.

    Kitchen Remodeling Philosophy

    The kitchen has been the heart of every home since the dawn of modern civilization. The kitchen is where we come to eat, and more importantly, to gather with our family and friends. It is often said that the kitchen is the most important part of your home; if this is true, shouldn’t it reflect your values and your style? We think so, and we're here to help you make that happen. Our kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles CA  will help you discover your kitchen ideals and style.

    Why Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

    Remodeling your kitchen will add value and beauty to your home. Most people don't update their kitchens. They buy a house and fix the things that break along the way, but a lot of people forget to invest in their quality of life. You can have a beautiful, updated and modern kitchen that makes your life better; and the remodeling endeavor doesn't have to break the bank.

    An investment in kitchen remodeling by Precise Home Builders also represents an investment in the value of your home. Kitchen remodeling remains among the top five ways to add value and equity in your home. Even if you have no current plans to sell, increasing equity in your home is always a good thing.

    When is a Good Time to Renovate My Kitchen?

    A good time to renovate your kitchen is when you plan to use it less. For example, in the Summer time you might be more active outdoors with your family and friends; this means our remodeling team can work without being a disruption to you. The answer ultimately depends on you - any time is a good time for a kitchen remodel project when you use us. Precise Home Builders will work with you to accommodate your schedule and your needs. We’ll also assign a personal project manager to coordinate and plan your kitchen remodeling project.



    "We are very happy with the work that has been done, and would gladly recommend Precise to others. Definitely go with the company if time is of the essence. Most people we spoke with were surprised at how quickly everything was done, and our neighbors (many retired) told us later that they were impressed by the fact that the contractors were there every single day and worked quietly/neatly"
    Kevin Liu
    "They are not the cheapest but they are very fast. I had quoted from 2 shops and only Precise was willing to do the job in 1 month and they were finished on schedule. Now 6 months after the job and the home looks great; i.e., no cracked tiles and no flaked paint. Thus, in this case I did not sacrifice quality of workmanship to get speed. I highly recommend Precise Homebuilders for large remodel jobs"
    Bertrand Lemieux
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