For those homeowners who’re planning a room addition, proper planning is critical. By avoiding 5 fundamental issues, homeowners will be offered peace of mind knowing that their finished project will meet and exceed their expectations.

1. Avoid Single Bids

When selecting a room addition builder, homeowners should pursue at least 3 bids before making their final decision. By comparing proposals, families will be able to Room Additions | Tools of The Tradeselect a contractor that suites their individual needs. Whether it’s scheduling, pricing, or design ideas, homeowners need to select a contractor that offers them the best possible value.

2. Avoid Substandard Materials.

In order to cut costs, many general contractor will purchase substandard materials for a room addition project. While this may seem harmless, using substandard materials may cause unfortunate problems down the road. Substandard doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Substandard might mean using materials that meet code requirements, but fail to provide the best result. Using 2″x4″ as opposed to 2″x6″ lumber would be a prime example.

3. Avoid Cutting Corners

Most things that should be avoided during a construction project involve budget. While many builders will cut corners to help their clients save money, others will cut corners in order to put more money in their own pockets. Homeowners should make certain their contractor is delivering exactly what is expected. Simple things will have surprising effects.

Not installing a second switch for a bank of lights or outlets is a perfect example. What might seem like a cost savings, only amounts to inconvenience once the addition is complete. Both form and function are very important.

4. Avoid An Inexperienced Contractor

When selecting the right builder it’s critical to hire someone who is experienced with framing and new construction. Building a room addition that is safe, and will stand the test of time, takes an experienced contractor with a track record of satisfied customers. Thoroughly checking references should never be taken lightly. There are some builders who will say almost anything to secure work. Homeowners need to make certain their contractors or contractor is the real deal.

5. Avoid Vague Communication

Poor communication with your contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers will result in cost overruns and unfortunate delays. Homeowners should constantly seek updates from their room addition builder. This will avoid design problems, budget problems, and callbacks once the project has been completed.

By avoiding these 5 issues, homeowners will help to keep their addition safe, affordable, and on schedule. Want to know more about room additions and get inspired? Check out Precise Home Builders’ room addition galleries page.