Bathroom renovations, when planned properly, can make a previously dingy space both beautiful and elegant. Before you start on your next bathroom remodel project, make sure to check out the six ideas below; it will help you get your creative juices flowing.

1. Add a border of shelves around the room

Those on a budget and with limited space for cabinets should seriously consider adding a border of bathroom accessoriesshelves around the room. Not only is it eye catching, you’ll have storage space for toilet paper, unused hair products, and other bathroom accessories. Make sure to use mold resistant wood and paint!

2. Bring in a large mirror

This is an easy starting place for beginners looking to remodel their bathroom. Simply adding a large mirror will instantly add class and charm to any bathroom. Additionally, the mirror will reflect more light, helping the room appear bigger and brighter. If your mirror is already sufficiently large, consider adding a wood border. The materials can easily be purchased and cut at any hardware supply store.

3. Install a backsplash over your sink

The wall above the bathroom sink is frequently ignored. Installing a simple backsplash can fit into just about any budget and really adds a great pop to any bathroom design. Try to choose tiles that match your floor or bathroom rug; it helps the whole room flow. Want to get really creative? Throw some old tiles into a garbage bag, smash them with a hammer, and create your own customer backsplash. Be careful though when

4. Reglaze fixtures

If your bathroom fixtures are still generally in good shape, consider having them reglazed rather than replaced during your bathroom remodel. When done professionally, the results can be stunning. You can even consider changing them to a special color for an extra splash of color in your bathroom design.

5. Purchase new lighting fixtures

Almost no bathroom accessories are overlooked quite as often as lighting fixtures. Adding a bold chandelier can really take your bathroom design to the next level. Budget friendly versions are widely available and will make your bathroom remodel shine. Also you’ll find your morning routine greatly improved with a little more light.

6. Repurpose furnishings

You can use an old dresser or vanity for a sink cabinet; just cut out a hole for the sink. You can also repurpose a kitchen cart or bookshelf for much needed storage space; just paint them with mold resistant paint. You’ll be saving the environment and your budget at the same time. Just make sure to measure all furniture pieces carefully first to ensure that they will fit.

These are just a few ideas to accessorize your bathroom. Precise Home Builders has been helping people in the Los Angeles area accessorize and renovate their bathrooms for over twenty years. Want some more ideas? Check out our bathroom remodeling galleries.