Precise Home Builders: Room Addition is one of our top-rated services

Precise Home Builders has made it easier than ever for people living in Los Angeles to add square footage or change things up without having to do a thing. Our new service makes finding qualified contractors easy, no matter where you are located! Every one of our employees is a skilled and trained professional with extensive experience who will make your renovation project an incredible success!

Do you want to make your home more spacious? Well, we can help with that! Give us a call, and our team will design a fantastic addition for you. Once it’s done, construction is complete; all the materials are included in one price without any hidden costs or obligations attached.
We work hard at creating beautiful spaces while maintaining affordability; after all, our job description includes words like “elegant,” “durable,” and most importantly: affordable!”

Imagine walking into your space and feeling like you can do anything. I bet that would make the day better, wouldn’t it?
If this sounds good for any future projects or renovations needing updating, then Precise Home Builders should be contacted today! With our approachable tone, we work hard at creating inspiring pieces without neglecting affordability. How can you do that? By calling us at (833) 348-1815 now!

Amazing happens here.

Let us design rooms and areas that serve specific functions to ensure we meet your goals! By adding on, you can enhance the possibilities of what a room or area serves for. Let’s take this typical example: You want an office with natural light but no windows – something private enough so people won’t be able to see inside from outside; functional without being too industrial in feel… And then there are all sorts of other factors like budgeting restrictions (space is limited) and aesthetic preferences when it comes down to deciding how much workspace one person needs every day.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to home renovation. We have helped previous clients add on spaces that are both functional and fun, such as sunrooms or garage conversions for extra living space. Extensions can be used if you need additional room without disrupting any other aspects of your house. For example, a great idea could be an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit).

Ideas, permits, budget: we handle everything for you!

Contact us today for consultations and planning if you’re ready to make your office or home a more comfortable place. We specialize in providing all the information that will help get projects off on the right foot!
A great way of ensuring customer satisfaction is through accountability; as soon as possible after they submit their request (or inquiry), our skilled staff members are available by phone at (833) 348-1815.

The best home builders don’t just build your dream house. They make it come true! That’s the difference between our company and everyone else. We will be there every step of the way to help you through everything, from inspections where needed, securing all permits required for construction in advance so that nothing leaves us unchecked or forgotten about. Financing options are available as well if one doesn’t have enough cash upfront.

We take care of everything, so when people see their beautiful new space, it’s like seeing something designed especially for them personally… no detail left unplanned by those who know how much satisfaction comes from owning a beautiful home!


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