You have decided to remodel your kitchen. What’s the first thing on your list of things to get done? Unless you know drywall, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work you will need to hire a contractor to do the actual work.

Prior to doing that, you should actually do some serious background work first. You should know prior to speaking with a contractor what you want to do basically. Look at pictures; tour your local stores to check out what is out there. Look at cabinets, appliances and general layouts of what’s in and new today.

The best and first thing when looking for your contractor is to ask your friends and neighbors. Without doubt this is the very best way to find your kitchen person. Ask them what was good about them and why it was good. Would they use them again?

Check out the referrals via phone calls or using their websites. Are they licensed in your area? Do they belong to any of the national associations? Can they give you referrals from customers near you? Check everything out as well as you possibly can.

Once you finally have chosen your contractor and you have a contract in hand make certain that all you want and the way you want it is in writing. The contract should include the site plan, payment schedule, change order clause, a written limited warranty, dispute resolution arrangements and waiver of lien. Check it out carefully and if you don’t understand it have your attorney do it.

Now you are ready to go with your remodel. Hopefully in the research stage you have picked out the type of renovation you want and most of the equipment that will be installed in your newly remodeled kitchen.

If you are replacing your appliances you should have utilized the new Energy Star models for savings on your future electric bills and water saving devices to conserve on water consumption.

Another area that will make your renovation truly stand out will be the replacement of all the hardware in the kitchen. The availability of strikingly beautiful handles pulls and knobs in modern styles will amaze you. They can be found both in the stores and online.

One place that shouldn’t be overlooked is the ceilings of your kitchen. The variety of ceiling tiles and original woods is awesome in their numbers. You can pick from the choices of antique looking ceilings of the older days to the most modern of appearances. Just be sure to make the ceiling compliment the rest of your kitchen, not stand out from it.

You can also utilize the soft close hinges for your cabinets and soft close glides for your drawers. This will help you to once and forever kiss those slamming doors and jumbling up the contents of your drawer’s goodbye.

There are many more things you can do while remodeling your kitchen. These will just get you started. Have fun with it and stay within your budget.