Everybody does it.

The average person uses the bathroom several times a day, and even if you spend eight hours or more at work, you’ll spend quite a bit of time sitting on your toilet. A bathroom remodel gives you the chance to add a more comfortable toilet to your home. Toilet

If you ever sat down on one of those commercial toilets found in restaurants and shops, you know the difference that a comfortable seat can make. So don’t be shy. Educate yourself on the types of toilets on the market today.

One Piece vs. Two Piece

Did you know that you can buy a toilet that comes with all parts and components molded together? Often called a one piece toilet, manufacturers charge more for these designs because it costs more for the companies to make, but one piece toilets can work nicely within the context of a modern bathroom renovation. A two piece toilet features a tank that is separate from the base and seat. One piece toilets typically have a larger back tank.

The decision between one piece and two piece toilets often comes down to a decision between style and space.

Oval or Round?

When launching your bathroom renovation and looking at bathroom accessories, you’ll find that toilets come in an oval or round seat design. A round seat design is a little more common. As the design is smaller, this is a great option for a remodel in a smaller space.

The toilet won’t get in the way of your cabinets or other features, and many people find that a round toilet fits better in their budget.

If you care more about comfort and less about finding an inexpensive toilet, consider an oval toilet for your bathroom renovation. While oval designs are a little more expensive, you can’t beat the comfort.

Size and Other Features

Don’t forget to look at the size and height of the toilet. A taller design is perfect for those with limited mobility and those who have problems sitting, while a shorter toilet is great for kids who can’t climb onto a higher seat.

Don’t forget to compare the other bathroom accessories that you buy with your toilet when doing a bathroom remodel. You need to ensure that your new toilet matches or at least compliments the new counters and cabinets you add to your bathroom. Doing a bathroom renovation is much easier when you choose the biggest components, including a toilet and sink, first.

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