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When people need to have their bathroom renovated, the first call is to our bathroom remodeling Pasadena experts. Pasadena, California is technically part of Los Angeles County, but Pasadena can seem like a world apart from the sturm and drang of downtown Hollywood. Pasadena has an unique old charm that is hard to find in Southern California. Every neighborhood in Pasadena contains a distinctly Small Town USA charm and the homes reflect that charm.

Precise Home Builders has been remodeling bathrooms in Pasadena for years. Older, smaller bathrooms are one thing we frequently encounter in the Pasadena area. We understand the unique problems that homeowners encounter when they try to remodel older homes. This why our bathroom remodeling Pasadena experts are often the first and last call people make when they want their bathroom made over.

How Do You Remodel a Small Bathroom?

There are several techniques that our bathroom remodeling Pasadena team use to give a small bathroom a bigger, more spacious feel. For instance, swapping out a five foot tub for a deep four foot tub can dramatically open up a bathroom space. The same goes for adding a floating sink or vanity, which opens up valuable floor space and gives your small bathroom an open look. Also adding new, energy efficient windows to let in more light

Precise Home Builders has an in-house design team that can help you plan the perfect bathroom, regardless of how big or small the bathroom. We will provide you with a complete 3D design and layout of your new bathroom. You will be able to change or modify certain design elements before construction starts, which means you will save both money and time.

What Is the First Thing You Should Do When Renovating a Bathroom?

The first thing our bathroom remodeling Pasadena is check a bathroom’s electrical system before renovating a bathroom. Older homes often have some fairly odd electrical set-ups, particularly in the bathroom. We frequently encounter light switches on the outside of a bathroom and outlets that lack ground fault interrupters and proper grounds. Our bathroom remodeling Pasadena installers have even found outlets and light switches in the showers.

We will make sure that your light switches and outlets are easy to access. Our bathroom remodeling Pasadena experts will also make sure that your outlets and electrical system are up to code. Electric outlets in your bathroom should be three-pronged and have a ground fault interrupter. Ground fault interrupters (or GFCI) helps protect your house from house fires and protect you and your family against possible electrocution. Precise Home Builders will make sure that your new bathroom has proper electrical and plumbing. We will also make sure it looks great as well.

Why Should I Use a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

You should use a bathroom remodeling Pasadena contractor, because they bring experience and professionalism to every bathroom makeover project. DIY bathroom remodeling can be a real challenge, even for experienced Do-It-Yourselfers. So, if you have a small bathroom in a beautiful Pasadena house, and your head is spinning with the work ahead of you, maybe you should call a Precise Home Builders instead.

Precise Home Builders’ bathroom remodeling Pasadena team has over 20 years of experience. Since 1987, we have helped customers remake their bathrooms into beautiful, relaxing getaways. We can provide high-quality renovations for less than you you’d expect. Call us today to arrange a free estimate and design consultation. See what your bathroom could look like after a Precise Home Builders’ remodel.


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