SINKFrom basic options to vintage-style pieces to unique vessel versions and beyond, there’s plenty of bathroom sink ideas to choose from. If renovating your bathroom and want to infuse an interesting element or two, the bathroom sink is a great way to go.

Inspiring Bathroom Sink Ideas

Discuss your top sink picks with your favorite Studio City bathroom remodel experts:

Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-mounted sinks are a modern option that may be attached to accommodate individuals of any height. Such sinks look especially sleek with large slate tile backdrops, and also take up no floor space.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink, such as one made of river rock boulder, offers the perfect combination of rustic and modern. Ideal for the nature lover, river rock vessel sinks look amazing in vacation cabin or beach house bathrooms. Since such sinks are handcrafted, you’re guaranteed a sink that’s completely unique in size, shape, and finish.

Raised Square Sink

Raised sinks offer numerous perks, including less bending over and therefore more comfort. These sinks elevate your vanity in terms of aesthetics as well, and look right at home with geometric mirrors, tiles, and other accents.

Corner Sink

Trying to save space in a small bathroom? A stylish corner pedestal sink is a great way to accomplish this.

Oversize Sink

Perhaps you have plenty of room in your bathroom and want to incorporate larger pieces, such as a large sink. One or two elongated sinks in the style you usually find in kitchens makes excellent use of space, particularly if your bathroom is sizable yet narrow. The deep basins also mean much less splashing and spills.

Petrified Wood Sink

Another “natural” sink option, petrified wood is actually stone thanks to thousands of years of fossilization. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, purchasing a petrified wood sink is another way to ensure a totally original option.

Standout Sink

A sink featuring an outward curve turns a typical bathroom vanity into a lovely focal point. Make it so the sink and the countertop are one piece to achieve the look you want.

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