When considering the trend recently towards minimizing living spaces and the popularity of bungalows or apartments as places to raise families, we’re struck by the advantages of building a second story addition to a home.

Second Story Home

Essentially, a second story addition in most situations provides additional space and home improvement without increasing the size of land one needs to buy. Take for example the structure of a firehouse: Because a firehouse has one story for the maintenance and keeping of firetrucks and one for firemen’s dormitories, space is used more efficiently with an eye towards utility.

The same applies for a second story addition as a means to update a home. It is often thought that the best way to evaluate the form of a building is in noting its function relative to its appearance.

With a second story addition, homes can take on new functions. Guests may find the additional space useful when visiting; office space may emerge where only empty space existed before. An extra room may be rented out to lodgers to make extra money each month and thus minimize mortgage costs. When designing a second story addition to a home, the options are truly endless, and a return on investment is almost guaranteed when the right construction methods are efficiently and ably used.