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Simple Fixes To Small Spaces

Small spaces feel like the bane of a house’s existence. In some cases it feels like if you put a chair in the room there’s now no space for anything else. In those cases, you’re probably better off making it into a neatly organized room for storage. But what about when your living room is small? Or your bedroom? Small spaces are just screaming to have their walls knocked down and made into something bigger and better, right? Before you get too trigger-happy with the bulldozer, consider these options to trick yourself and company into thinking there’s more space...

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Love Your Laundry Room

Said no one ever. Laundry is the bane of adult existence. It just never ends. It’s certainly a good reason to consider becoming a nudist. But just because the physical job of laundry is a total drag, doesn’t mean the room that facilitates said job has to be drab and a drain on your mood. For a room that will ease the pain of having to do laundry, try some of these innovative ideas to turn your laundry room from drab to fab. Location If your laundry room is difficult to get to, actually getting to do it becomes...

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Maximizing Storage Without Moving Walls

Storage. It’s a sticky subject. Sometimes your house just wasn’t built for it. Older homes definitely don’t know the crazy that is Costco Bulk Buying. Don’t get us wrong. Buying bulk is a great idea that saves time and money. But where do you put everything once you have it? Short of turning into your own episode of Hoarders, you make it work. There’s always the cheap, sterile-looking plasting tub option. Great for storage in an attic or basement. But when it comes to the rest of your house, there’s definitely something to be desired. The cost of new...

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