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The sweet sunshine weather and lounge season is upon us: Summer is here. If you’re like me and love the longer days, warmer weather and general mood-lifting effects of summertime, then you’re probably someone who likes to be outside with friends and family. You may be wondering if a lot of your usual summer activities will be hindered, or even altogether not doable because of the current pandemic our country is experiencing. We’re all doing our part in trying to help flatten the curve and keep our families and communities healthy, and if that means continuing to spend more...

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Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Learn new ways to add value to your home with 10 tips!  Spend an hour with a pro  Invite a real estate agent, interior designer, or a pro from BayBuilders & Remodeling to checkout your home. More often, an agent will provide this as a complimentary service, but there’s a possibility of having to pay for a consultation fee to a designer. Make sure to check with several local designers.  Even the small recommended improvements including the following; interior, exterior paint, furniture replacement can make a significant difference towards improving the look of your home.   Inspect it Home improvement...

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Easy DIYs for Brightening Your Home During Quarantine

We’ve all had to put a lot of things on hold for the last couple of months, and this can include any home remodeling plans you may have had. While major renovations might be put on hold for now, there are many little things you can do to spruce up your home and enjoy the extra, extra time being spent within your dwelling space. A little bit of “brightening up” can make a big difference in not only the way your home looks, but how it makes you feel. Let’s take a look below at some easy and quick...

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Top Five Tips For Home Office Inspiration

If there’s one massive benefit to being under quarantine, it’s the proof that working remotely is entirely possible. Even without going into self-isolation, more and more businesses are going home based or remote. While you could surely plop a desk anywhere and call it your office, that’s frankly just not good enough. Not just for decorative purposes. But it’s proven that having a designated space (more than just a desk) for your home office leads to better productivity. For your new home office space, we’d like to offer up these tips to both inspire and inform you for the...

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Bringing Back The Classics: 2020’s Classic Color Of The Year

Fun fact that you may, or may not know; the color company Pantone has been declaring a “Color of the Year” since the 1950s. Their choice in color is meant to captivate the energy and momentum of the coming year. In turn it influences everything from marketing and advertising, to design trends. While every new year will bring a new color, this year’s color is one that we think will stand the test of time: Classic Blue. Blues tend to be associated with calm, comfort, trust, and serenity. In the words of Pantone themselves, “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection,...

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