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Top Five Tips For Home Office Inspiration

If there’s one massive benefit to being under quarantine, it’s the proof that working remotely is entirely possible. Even without going into self-isolation, more and more businesses are going home based or remote. While you could surely plop a desk anywhere and call it your office, that’s frankly just not good enough. Not just for decorative purposes. But it’s proven that having a designated space (more than just a desk) for your home office leads to better productivity. For your new home office space, we’d like to offer up these tips to both inspire and inform you for the...

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Bringing Back The Classics: 2020’s Classic Color Of The Year

Fun fact that you may, or may not know; the color company Pantone has been declaring a “Color of the Year” since the 1950s. Their choice in color is meant to captivate the energy and momentum of the coming year. In turn it influences everything from marketing and advertising, to design trends. While every new year will bring a new color, this year’s color is one that we think will stand the test of time: Classic Blue. Blues tend to be associated with calm, comfort, trust, and serenity. In the words of Pantone themselves, “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection,...

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Top 10 Questions To Ask You Contractor

There are many important steps when it comes to home renovation. Finding the right contractor to guide you through this field of uncertainty is at the top of the list. You contractor isn’t just the person drawing your ideas down onto paper and then bringing them to real life, they are your first defense when it comes to navigating questions of the best materials to use, where to cut costs, and how to handle surprise problems. You’ll inevitably endure an interview process to find the right one. Just like with any interview, you need to have the right questions...

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Major Kitchen Renovation Tips

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house to renovate or remodel. It’s no wonder. They need to function at peak efficiency. A lot of work happens in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up some delicious holiday treats, or making memories passing down family recipes to the next generation, or just satisfying a late night craving, the kitchen is key. Undertaking a kitchen renovation requires a lot of time, work, and money. To help you manage the madness, we’ve come up with a few helpful hints to prepare you for what’s ahead. Manage Your Budget The key...

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Top 5 Quick Bathroom Fixes For A New Facade

Bathroom renovations are largely popular these days. It’s the second most popular home improvement project, actually. Pretty easy to see why, too. You use it everyday. Whether it’s for some bladder relief or to scrub off the day – or scrub off the sleep, don’t know if you’re morning or night shower people, whatever floats your boat – the bathroom is essential to our daily lives. While you can increase the value of your home with a major bathroom renovation, there are a few ways you can spruce up an old space without spending a small fortune. These are...

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