Bathroom renovations are largely popular these days. It’s the second most popular home improvement project, actually. Pretty easy to see why, too. You use it everyday. Whether it’s for some bladder relief or to scrub off the day – or scrub off the sleep, don’t know if you’re morning or night shower people, whatever floats your boat – the bathroom is essential to our daily lives. While you can increase the value of your home with a major bathroom renovation, there are a few ways you can spruce up an old space without spending a small fortune. These are our top fives quick and easy ways to update any bathroom in the house.

Paint Or Wallpaper

Painting makes it to nearly every home improvement project, but that’s because it’s an easy, tried and true, instant, bold, new look for any room. Wallpaper, though, has made its comeback and can really flourish in a bathroom. Small bathrooms, in particular, greatly benefit from an accent wall with a large, bold print on it. Whether you opt for a Bohemian look with a floral print, or an art deco style with geometric patterns, it’s an easy fix for flat, smooth walls. Paint the remaining walls with a complimentary color to make it pop.

Mirrors And Artwork

Now that the walls have been refreshed, you can give them some new embellishments. This could be a gilded mirror with an ornate frame, or large pieces of artwork. You could even go so far as to add some extra storage by hanging a few free-floating shelves wherever you could use them. 

New Knobs

If you suffer from white cabinet syndrome, fear not! These little babes could be painted a different color, or refaced. But for an even quicker – and cheaper – fix up all you need is some new knobs. The handles for your drawers and doors can be replaced in the span of an hour, less if you have fewer handles to replace. Since you have the literal blank canvas of white cabinets, you can go as traditional or artistic as you like. A visit to your local home improvement store will yield many options. Or hop on a website like Etsy for more custom, unique designs and styles.

Fancy Faucets

Up the sophistication of your bathroom with new faucets. If you’re already changing the color scheme, you can swap out brushed nickel for natural copper fixtures. There are even models available that aid with energy efficiency. In the master bath you could swap out your stationary shower head for a moveable model with different settings for a water massage with every shower.

Lighting Fixtures

Unless you have recessed lighting all over the bathroom, this is yet another area in which you can bring more character. For the eclectically charming Boho Bathroom, an artisan piece holding the light puts the final finish on your new water closet. Need the proper space to get glammed up, finish your mirror with vanity lighting  so you always look your best.

Changing up your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. You can spend under a thousand and have a practically brand new bathroom. When all you really need is a face lift, it doesn’t take much to bring new life into a tired old space.