The kitchen is the most popular room in the house to renovate or remodel. It’s no wonder. They need to function at peak efficiency. A lot of work happens in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up some delicious holiday treats, or making memories passing down family recipes to the next generation, or just satisfying a late night craving, the kitchen is key. Undertaking a kitchen renovation requires a lot of time, work, and money. To help you manage the madness, we’ve come up with a few helpful hints to prepare you for what’s ahead.

Manage Your Budget

The key to any successful home improvement project is knowing what you have to spend and how you want to spend it. However, because it’s so easy to go overboard with the newest tech and most expensive materials, don’t get so overzealous that you renovate your home out of the market. Carerra marble is gorgeous, but it is going to ruin your chances of selling your starter home. 

Lean In To Your Home’s Style

Open floor plans are all the rage and so very attractive. But the cost to overhaul your sectioned off kitchen into something it’s not, doesn’t just drive the price way up, but now you have a part of the house that doesn’t look like it belongs. You can still have a glamorous kitchen without all the bells and whistles. 

Uniform Finish

Lights, faucets, knobs, and more! You want the finish on these (and your appliances) to match. You could get away with a different finish on the appliances than the rest of the hardware, for example, stainless steel goes with pretty much anything. But when it comes the the handles on your drawers and cabinet doors, the lighting fixtures, and the faucet of your sink, a cohesive look by matching finishes makes resale much easier and more profitable. Unless your lighting is a decorative statement, best to keep these things in line.

Don’t Trash The Cabinets

At least, don’t be so quick to trash them. The housing of kitchen cabinets is one of the most expensive elements of a kitchen renovation. But unless there is damage to them, there’s a way to improve them and save some money and resources. Refacing your cabinets gives them instant new life at half the cost. You could customize the insides with sliding shelves or a lazy susan in the corner section. But keep the main housing.

Set Up A Mini-Survival Kitchen/Budget For Meals

Depending on what exactly you’re having done in the kitchen, you may or may not have access to your kitchen for indeterminate amounts of time. You still need to eat, though. If you can set up a smaller, temporary kitchen in the dining room the do. (Microwave, hot plate, small convection oven, and a mini fridge – it’s like college all over again!) You could be without your kitchen for just a few days, or a few weeks. Either way, have a plan. Whether that’s more frozen microwave meals, the budget to eat out, or peanut butter sandwiches til the end of time, make plans to feed yourself. Especially if you opt to eat out, the dollars and cents add up. You don’t want this biting you in the butt. 

Trends And Staying Hip

Trends come and go. If you happen to be in the planning stages, though, stay on top of trends and choose larger materials that are classic, almost timeless. For example, the days of the all white kitchen are limited. 2020 is seeing an end to dark wood cabinets, as well. Color is popping up in this department. But a durable set of quartz countertops in a white, gray, or black, or marble gives you an anchor that will age well and be able to transform as trends change.