Storage. It’s a sticky subject. Sometimes your house just wasn’t built for it. Older homes definitely don’t know the crazy that is Costco Bulk Buying. Don’t get us wrong. Buying bulk is a great idea that saves time and money. But where do you put everything once you have it? Short of turning into your own episode of Hoarders, you make it work. There’s always the cheap, sterile-looking plasting tub option. Great for storage in an attic or basement. But when it comes to the rest of your house, there’s definitely something to be desired. The cost of new closets would probably surprise you, and is it really worth expanding out just to fit all your stuff in?

Here are some clever ways you can maximize storage without knocking down walls or sacrificing aesthetic in your home.


This is nothing new, really, but more and more designs are appearing in furniture that houses extra storage. Seamless coffee tables that open up to reveal cubbies and deep spaces for extra blankets, remotes, or chargers. Drawers or cubbies underneath your bed frame are the perfect place for winter sweaters or blankets. Add a bench with a hinged top that provides large storage space for shoes or backpacks underneath. Hang some coat and hat hooks up above and you’ve got one central location for all things outdoors related.

Hang It

Speaking of hanging, pretty much anything can be hung these days. An envelope shaped wall sconce is perfect for all that mail you can’t yet get to, instead of your kitchen table. Hooks can be a utilitarian or decorative as you like. A series of hooks right by your door keeps your keys in one central, easy to locate and remember place.

Open shelves (whether adjustable or custom made) are great in any room. Kitchens, living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, garage – seriously. Any room can benefit from a nice set of shelves.

Recess It

There’s a valuable amount of space between some bedroom walls upstairs. If your house’s structural integrity will allow, you can install a Knee-Wall dresser for a full set of chest of drawers that don’t take up a bunch of floor space. If you have a similar situation, or a recessed window area in your living room or office, build some bookcases into those wall spaces.

Rolling Shelves, Door Storage, and More

The kitchen is probably the first room we think of when needing more space. To accommodate all those spices and seasonings, install racks to the inside of your cabinet doors. Rolling shelves inside your deeper cabinets help you use all the storage space, while keeping your items easily reachable. Riser or lid dividers in your cabinets can also create more space for dishes. Hooks hung underneath your upper cabinets for coffee mugs are a great way to clear out some space. A hanging pot rack above your kitchen island or up against a wall can create a rustic kitchen vibe you’ll love while also giving your more room for your things. Lastly, if you can’t keep everything off the counter, give the look of less clutter by using small trays or baskets to maintain a series of items.

There’s always more to be desired in the realm of storage. But you no longer have to suffer with stuffed closets and eyesore storage bins. However you choose to maximize storage in your home is up to you, but your options are near limitless.