If there’s one massive benefit to being under quarantine, it’s the proof that working remotely is entirely possible. Even without going into self-isolation, more and more businesses are going home based or remote. While you could surely plop a desk anywhere and call it your office, that’s frankly just not good enough. Not just for decorative purposes. But it’s proven that having a designated space (more than just a desk) for your home office leads to better productivity.

For your new home office space, we’d like to offer up these tips to both inspire and inform you for the best home office conversion.

Separate Structures
If you’ve got land to spare in the backyard, consider a separate structure. Something like a She-Shed. Except, your office. ADUs (additional dwelling units) are now permitted in California. Like any structure, they have building standards and codes for safety. But you can opt for essentially the IKEA version of a She-Shed or use shipping containers to build a full structure with bathroom and kitchenette at little cost to you. It may end up costing less than a conversion. Explore the option nonetheless.

No Mixing Business With Pleasure
To go to the opposite end of the spectrum, you should not use extra space in your bedroom for an office, either. If you want to combine your guest bedroom with the office, go for it. Multipurpose furniture is in high demand. East Asia inspired pieces like a bed that folds out from the wall, and when folded away becomes an office complete with a pop-up desk and storage.

You need to keep the room where you rest at night as just that. Your rest and relaxation space. If you have spare floor space in the master bedroom, turn it into a reading nook or a meditation corner. Even a tv area is better in that unused space than a desk. Trust us.

Basement, Garage, Or Attic
These are often unused spaces. Maybe they’re littered with boxes and keepsakes, but you have better things to do with that valuable real estate. With well positioned windows and maybe a door, your basement office can be as bright and cheery as any other room, with an entrance that keeps it separate from the house, should you need to host clients. In an attic, you’re up and away and above it all. You’ll need to properly insulate, heat and power these spaces and finish the surfaces, but they make for a great option.

Build In Storage
You know your business. You know your needs. If you’re converting any space – a spare room on the ground floor of your two-story house or starting essentially from scratch in the basement – make sure those grand schemes include ample storage. Particularly if you’re using a former storage space like the basement or attic. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of some clutter, but you can save the really important things and build a space that meets your business and personal needs.

Atmosphere Still Matters
You’re not trying to create an extravagant space with exquisite furniture and art work. But you do need a place to function efficiently. You want the light to be bright and cheery, but not artificial and glaring. Natural is best when you can get it. Bring nature inside with some hanging and potted plants. Choose a color palette that inspires you and helps you focus on your work. Blues are calming, greens energizing, and reds invigorating. Whatever sparks your creativity and keeps you productive at work will serve you best.

Now go build that home office so you can focus on building your empire.