We’ve all had to put a lot of things on hold for the last couple of months, and this can include any home remodeling plans you may have had. While major renovations might be put on hold for now, there are many little things you can do to spruce up your home and enjoy the extra, extra time being spent within your dwelling space. A little bit of “brightening up” can make a big difference in not only the way your home looks, but how it makes you feel. Let’s take a look below at some easy and quick tips:

Get The Most Out of Lighting

Have you ever cleaned your lampshades, or wiped off the dust on a lightbulb? Dingy shades and dusty bulbs can definitely affect the way the light is illuminated from the source. Take a dry microfiber cloth to those shades and watch their true color come back to life. Make sure you unplug the light and that it’s cool to the touch when cleaning off the dirt and dust on the bulbs. 

Make A Change and Rearrange

Want to know the easiest way to feel like you have a new place without having to move? Change the layout! Rearranging furniture can be fun and even create a better, more functional space. Move the couch to a different location, move the bookshelf from one wall to another, swap out area rugs, move the standing lamp from here to there. It doesn’t just have to be the living room either, you can make changes in the bedroom and other spaces. Also, moving around wall art and other tchotchkes is a great solution for a freshened up vibe.  

Wood So Good

If you’re not a top notch cleaner with an attention to detail, chances are you don’t always, or ever, dust and clean the wood pieces in your home. And if you are, you know what a huge difference it makes when you wipe that beautiful antique piece handed down from your mom’s uncle’s cousin’s on her father’s side estate. Cleaning and moisturizing your wood pieces, countertops, heck even the cutting board, will make a world of difference in the way they look and will help maintain them over the years. Make sure you are using the right products for the type of wood you’re cleaning. 

Let’s Take it Outside

Summer is a-knocking, and with extra time being spent inside lately, we’ll all want to be outside as much as we can as the nice weather comes around. If you have outside furniture in your yard, give it a good hose-down and cleaning so it’s nice and prepped for outside lounging. Wipe down the outdoor table that’s been dusty for 5 months. Trim any overgrown bushes and plants, gather planters that aren’t being used and clean them so you can plant new seeds if you want. Grab a broom and sweep off the dust and dirt that’s accumulated, hose it down for a clean floor. String some outdoor lights around the gazebo, make it a vibe!

These are just a handful of easy projects you can do at home that can really change up the style and look of your home, and more importantly, make a positive difference in the way you feel!