Learn new ways to add value to your home with 10 tips! 

Spend an hour with a pro 

Invite a real estate agent, interior designer, or a pro from BayBuilders & Remodeling to checkout your home. More often, an agent will provide this as a complimentary service, but there’s a possibility of having to pay for a consultation fee to a designer. Make sure to check with several local designers. 

Even the small recommended improvements including the following; interior, exterior paint, furniture replacement can make a significant difference towards improving the look of your home.  

Inspect it

Home improvement doesn’t always mean cosmetic. Declining roofs, original electrical, plumbing, or termite infestation are the type of home improvements that don’t need attention until it’s broken. Hire an inspector to do a full check of the areas of your home that you don’t normally see on the daily.

As a professional, they can uncover invisible problems that could negatively impact your home’s value. Minor problems can become big, and costly problems quickly. The longer the repair is put off, the more expensive the repair will be in the future.


An alternate route to hiring a designer is to do your own homework for renovating and designing inspiration in decor-oriented magazines, books, TV shows, websites, and social media. Print out or tear out ideas you like and start a to-do list. Keep it easy; remodeling on a fixed budget by doing-it-yourself is the best projects. 

Minimize Energy Costs

The total cost you spend each month on energy bills appears to be a fixed amount, but little did you know local utility companies near you offer energy credits to their customers. They can illustrate how to maximize energy efficiency in your home to its fullest potential. 

The more a home is energy-efficient, the more you will save long term. The extra savings can be applied to other updates that can add more valuable assets to your home in the future. 

Low-maintenance landscaping

Opting for a low-maintenance landscape can save you money now and adds value when it’s on the market. 


What is that on your ceiling? Small structural elements can date a house more than popcorn ceilings. Devote a weekend to discarding the outdated look and instead of contributing dollar value to your home. 

Popcorn removal can be a do-it-yourself project. Firstly, take a trip to your local hardware store for a solution to weaken the texture, then begin scraping the popcorn until there’s none left! This project may not seem like it can make a substantial change, but more importantly repair, replace, or removing unimportant things can add a tremendous amount of value to your home. 

Kitchen updates always equals additional value

Home value increases when the kitchen is updated, same applies for any kitchen updates. Beginning a remodel doesn’t always involve demolishing, you can work with what you currently have. To maximize your home’s value, kitchen updates are where you can focus on. Start by replacing items one by one such as purchasing a new microwave or replacing the old sink. 

Unkept lawn can make a bad first impression 

A messy or patchy lawn with overgrown bushes will make your home stand out but not in a favorable way. On the bright side, subduing your messy lawn is an easy fix. Appoint a lawn service company to trim your lawn and trim your hedges. Without blowing your budget, your lawn will go from messy to refined with a new boosted curb appeal. 

Cleanliness is Key

First impressions do count, make the best of your interior shine from the moment someone steps foot into your home. Regular home cleaning can often miss the hard to reach spots or overlooked crannies. Allow a cleaning service to perform the dirty work to allow your home to sparkle. 

Go Solar 

Go green and save on your energy bill with a solar water heater or system. The amount of savings goes directly back into your project in the long run.