Said no one ever. Laundry is the bane of adult existence. It just never ends. It’s certainly a good reason to consider becoming a nudist. But just because the physical job of laundry is a total drag, doesn’t mean the room that facilitates said job has to be drab and a drain on your mood. For a room that will ease the pain of having to do laundry, try some of these innovative ideas to turn your laundry room from drab to fab.


If your laundry room is difficult to get to, actually getting to do it becomes all the more tedious. Moving your laundry room to a more central area of your house is one way to instantly make the burden of laundry easier to bear. Whether that means bringing the laundry upstairs from the basement, moving it to a bathroom, or off the kitchen in the pantry getting your machines closer to the general action makes a significant distance.


Your laundry room might be a room with washer and dryer hookups and a lot of extra, undefined space. Where that room is in relation to the rest of your house will help determine what exactly to do with that extra space. Near the garage or other exit to the house, you can create a mudroom to serve as the buffer between outdoors and indoors, as its name suggests. Racks or hooks for hanging coats, bags, and keys leaves the floor space open, and places these items in an easy to remember location. Near the kitchen? Expand the plumbing and install an en suite that can serve as a guest bathroom, as well. Or turn that extra space into a pantry for non-perishables and all your seasonal, less used baking supplies and equipment.

Functional Features

Perhaps you already have one of these combos. For the sake of keeping your laundry out of sight of guests when they are over, consider clever ways to hide or mask your laundry with a closet built around the machines and accordion french doors or curtains to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

Don’t forget about how you want this room to function. Adding counters to the side of your machine to serve as a folding table with room for multiple hampers to be stored underneath makes your room a convenient one-stop-shop for sorting, washing, drying, pressing and folding. For more delicate items, hang a drying rack that can expand and collapse as needed to maximize space and efficiency.

Storage should first and foremost be easy to access, but it shouldn’t take away from design aesthetic. For smaller items like your iron or dryer sheets (or wool dryer balls for the environmentalist) and sewing kits, canvas bins or woven baskets on shelves will keep the space open without adding clutter. Go green with a large glass or ceramic drink dispenser on the shelf over your washer. You can purchase detergent in bulk and have a more decorative way to store it. You can also opt for the convenient pedestal accessory for your new energy efficient washer or dryer. With extra storage space underneath that also matches the machine, these add-ons put your machines up higher, making it less tasking on your back to load and unload front-facing washers and dryers.


Because it’s a boring task, brighten up the room with a bold, bright, vibrant color. If you want a little more peace in the activity, blues and purples are where you want to venture. For energy a splash of green, red, orange or yellow will invigorate the senses while you whittle away at your never ending journey. Artwork is always welcome wherever you go. If you’ve got a sense of humor, a laundry line with clothespins mounted to the wall for lonely socks looking for their “sole” mate is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Don’t skimp on decor elements because it’s a room for the worst of jobs. Create something that’s visually appealing to give yourself something other than laundry to focus on while you work.

Laundry is just the worst. But your laundry room doesn’t have to be.