The sweet sunshine weather and lounge season is upon us: Summer is here. If you’re like me and love the longer days, warmer weather and general mood-lifting effects of summertime, then you’re probably someone who likes to be outside with friends and family. You may be wondering if a lot of your usual summer activities will be hindered, or even altogether not doable because of the current pandemic our country is experiencing. We’re all doing our part in trying to help flatten the curve and keep our families and communities healthy, and if that means continuing to spend more time at home, then we might as well have a home we love spending time at!

With the weather being beautiful, especially in sunny southern California, you’re already at an advantage for outdoor living and lounging. We’ve come up with a few fun backyard upgrades to perk up the space and make it even more enjoyable and useful. Some can be simple DIY’s, and others might involve a contractor; you can decide what works best for your home and budget, but you should definitely take part in a little backyard TLC this summer.


Grill & Chill

The classic summertime staple: the grill’s hot and the drinks are cold. Backyard BBQ’s are a favorite activity for Angelenos. The get-together culture hits its peak when the afternoon to dusk weather is just right for some friends to join you for a burger or veggie dog and a cold one. Whether you want a custom built-in outdoor kitchen, or are more in the market for a BBQ island, the addition of a dedicated spot for all your grilling tools, a refrigerator for drinks and food, counter space for your spread, and a few stools for gathering ‘round is a game changer.You’re sure to impress your company with an outdoor kitchen




Deck-adent Vibes


There’s something about a wooden deck that’s naturally and effortlessly cool. You just know that’s where you’re supposed to hang. This is usually where the grill is, some patio furniture, twinkling string lights, potted plants and an area rug to really pull it together. Decks are great for creating a feeling of separation between here and there in an open outdoor space. Cost and time for building an outdoor deck will obviously differ depending on materials used, size, and whether you’re using a builder. If you want to make it a project and do it yourself, here’s a great resourceful page with ideas and how-to’s

Golf, anyone?


Maybe you’re not even an experienced golfer and only get out once in a few years with some friends on a Sunday, but wouldn’t it be awesome to just work on your putt right in your own backyard? Putting greens are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor home improvement in Los Angeles. Even with a small backyard, you can still carve out a nice little space for your putt-putt practice. Artificial grass and turf installment is at an all time high with people wanting to save money on utility costs and live a more water-conserving lifestyle, so if you’re getting rid of your patchy patch of grass and going for artificial – throw in a nice little putting green! 

We hope you can draw some inspiration from some of these ideas for a little backyard upgrade of your own. The most important part of summer is the time we can spend with our loved ones and friends, so let’s enjoy it as best we can!