You only get one chance to make a first impression. Yes, this also applies to your home. If you’re in the market for selling your home, it could be in your best interest to invest in one or more of these outdoor improvements. Or perhaps you’ve perfected the interior of your home and now it’s time to focus your imagination and efforts on the outside of your domicile. Either way, follow along as we take you on a journey through the home improvement possibilities waiting home just outside your door.

Changing up the facing of your home can do you a world of good. It will end up looking like a completely different house once all is said and done. There are a few options as to material you can use to reface your home: wood clapboards, siding (vinyl or aluminium), stone, stone veneers, stucco, brick. Each one has its pros and cons, durability, and of course style. Choose which is right for you and dive in. If you already like the material of your home’s exterior and it will take paint, then it’s time to visit the paint store and pick a new color.

Windows and Treatments
Updating your windows doesn’t only change the visual aesthetic of your house, it can also help you save energy. An estimated 25% of all heating and cooling is lost through the windows and doors. New windows will reseal, but also help keep heat out with gas fillers and UV coatings. You can also use this time to add or take away shutters or awnings. Shutters and flower boxes and a small, easy change that make a significant impact on the look of your house. With an array of styles, colors, or patterns these little window accessories will add that perfect finishing touch to your home.

Front Entrance Fixes
This can include anything from a new front door to and entirely new front porch with a swing, columns, and potted plants. Adding or updating the walkway to your front door is another subtle but effective way of adding value to the outside of your house. The same energy saving benefits of new windows is also true of a new door. Update all the weather stripping and seals to lock in all that energy your house uses to keep it at the perfect temperature.

Patios and Decks
Moving to the backyard, you can always up your hosting game with a suitable patio or deck. With as many varieties of materials for your patio as there are for refacing your house, the sky’s the limit with possibilities. You can opt for a simple paved space perfect for patio furniture, or throw in everything and the kitchen sink with a grill, mini bar, sink, pergola for shade, and fire pit for finish out the evening.

Drought Proof Landscape
You can bring new life into your front and back yards with an updated landscape and bring down the cost of your overhead with water-friendly plants, grasses and features. While you might be thinking this only means ditching your luscious green grass for a pile of rocks, that’s not the case. There’s a long list of plants and grasses that will thrive in all types of climates with less water than the traditional Bermuda green. Start exploring and let your imagination run wild!

Any (but really all) of these options are sure to bring more value to you home as well as the quality of life you live in it. At the end of a long day of work, there’s nothing like beautiful home to return to. Being able to host friends and family whenever the weather is right sets the soul at rest with the laughter and fond memories made at gatherings. So what are you waiting for?