Small spaces feel like the bane of a house’s existence. In some cases it feels like if you put a chair in the room there’s now no space for anything else. In those cases, you’re probably better off making it into a neatly organized room for storage. But what about when your living room is small? Or your bedroom? Small spaces are just screaming to have their walls knocked down and made into something bigger and better, right? Before you get too trigger-happy with the bulldozer, consider these options to trick yourself and company into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.

Vertical Real Estate

All too often we fixate on the amount of space we have that spreads outward (or horizontally). We fixate on this one issue so much that we completely forget about all the vertical space that’s at our disposal. Take note of the vertical real estate and make it work to your advantage.


Let’s go from the top down. Adding wallpaper or painting a chevron pattern (or something similar) to your ceiling is a beautiful deceiver for small rooms. Placing something eye-catching overhead entices one to look up and admire the work. In doing so, you forget about the outward space and the room instantly feels bigger. Plus, it’s pretty.

Bookcases Overhead Not On The Ground

A foot or two down from the ceiling is the perfect place to build shelves for your books and knick-knacks. Just like wallpaper on the ceiling draws the eye up, so will a set of shelves along the perimeter up above. Not only does it bring the gaze up, but it also frees up precious floor space for other things.

Curtains Head To Toe

Ceiling to floor curtains create a nice, elongated vertical line that, again, draws the eyes up and gives off a feeling of ample space. They also help control temperature, and add texture and design to the room. 


This is two-fold. First, filling your room with furniture that also has extra storage space within it makes a huge difference, such as a bedframe with drawers in the bottom. More and more furniture is being made with the multi-purpose idea in mind. 

Secondly, and stick with us on this, pulling your furniture away from the walls creates the illusion of a bigger room. When we say “away from the walls” we’re not talking dead center in the room (although, it’s choice). Simply pull your couch away from the wall several inches and let it your brain do the rest.


Rather than stick a giant light in the center of the room on the ceiling, spread it out. Floor and table lamps placed throughout the room to fill the whole space with light opens up the room far better than a cluster of bulbs right overhead.


Section out your room – and add some style – with several small rugs. Not one giant area rug that takes center stage, but a variety of rugs under the couch, tv stand, and chairs instantly make your room feel larger with each area designated and separate. 

Rather than spend a fortune on building outward – though you’re certainly welcome – use any of these clever tricks to enhance the look and feel of your smaller spaces. You’ll save money and the huge hassle of renovating.