Room Addition Sherman Oaks

A room addition is a daunting experience. Yes, we do sometimes outgrow our houses. To be quite frank it is in many cases easier to sell this home and purchase another instead of doing a home addition. Keep in mind that your feelings of your need for more space may […]

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Will My Room Addition Look Like the Rest of My House?

There is a certain spookiness, a certain dread, and even a tinge of horror most people feel deep down inside when they look at a house that isn’t particularly well-built, or a house that simply “looks weird” at first blush. The eerie house on the block stirs in the back […]

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Can I Add a Bathroom Onto My House?

Remember back to your college days. Reach past the hazy memories of endless lectures and beer pong parties with sorority girls. What irked you most about college? A betting man would say one of the first things that leapt to mind was the dorm bathroom. There is nothing worse than […]

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How to Convert a Garage into a Home Office

More and more people are working from home and more and more people are working freelance these days. While working at home is often a dream of many office drones still chained to a cubicle, the reality of working from home can be a bit different.

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How Does a Room Addition Work: Construction

For those homeowners who are involved in an extensive renovation or remodeling project, room additions and improvements are certainly a consideration when adding more living space is necessary to accommodate a growing family. When building a room addition, patience and careful planning will always ensure a successful outcome.

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5 Things to Avoid When Doing a Room Addition

For those homeowners who’re planning a room addition, proper planning is critical. By avoiding 5 fundamental issues, homeowners will be offered peace of mind knowing that their finished project will meet and exceed their expectations.

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