Room Addition in Hollywood

There are many times when homeowners grow out of their existing homes but don’t wish to sell the property and buy a larger house. Perhaps they are located in an excellent school district and don’t want to uproot their children, or maybe they simply love the neighborhood and their home. […]

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Benefits of Creating a Second Story Addition

When considering the trend recently towards minimizing living spaces and the popularity of bungalows or apartments as places to raise families, we’re struck by the advantages of building a second story addition to a home.

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Converting Your Garage into a Usable Space

A properly utilized garage can add 600 square feet to your home living space!  That’s valuable square footage, especially if you have a driveway big enough to keep your car(s), and don’t mind them being exposed to the elements.  If you have a big enough garage and only want to […]

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How to Finance Your Room Addition

Many different options exist for financing your room addition, from many different lenders. How much do you borrow? How much can you get? A mortgage broker, your most common lending resources for a room addition, can offer you more than 200 loan programs. Let’s try and break down the process […]

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Room Addition: Making Space for a Home Office

First off and foremost, Precise Home Builders wishes you all a Happy Friday, Great Weekend, and Happy Holidays! The holiday season is finally upon us and shortly the new year will begin. As the new year approaches, you might be considering making some new changes to your work environment. Will […]

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Room Addition: Making Space for the Future

Some people are lucky to buy their dream house first time around, but for most homeowners they saw potential in their house eventually becoming a “dream home.” The potential in most homes can be achieved through remodeling, but some visions can only become a reality by additions and new construction.

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Benefits of Room Addition to Your Existing Home

Room addition Los Angeles: Are you thinking about expanding your home?  Precise Home Builders can help you to plan and build room additions in an effective manner!!! Taking an existing residential home and altering it into a dream home can be an exciting endeavor. A room addition is an excellent […]

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