ASKIf considering adding on to your home, whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, study, playroom, or other option, there’s a few questions to ask yourself first. Check out what you need to mull over before making the call to the best home renovation specialists in Sherman Oaks:

What’s My Budget?

Arguably the first question to ask yourself, adding on to your home isn’t exactly the cheapest project in the world! While it’s possible to find an affordable, quality home renovation company to work with, it’s still a very good idea to have a number in mind before you discuss options with your chosen company. The cost of an addition varies according to the room you want and where you live, so go over budget constraints with your family.

How Will This Change My Home’s Exterior Appearance?

An addition brings serious change to how your home looks either from the road or from the yard, and one that isn’t well-planned or looks like it doesn’t match the house is cause for disaster. Think about where you want the addition to go and how it will look with the rest of your home. The addition should flow and contribute to appearance rather than taking away from it.

How Long Will It Take?

Any addition is going to take time, though size plays an important role in project duration. Know that even the smallest additions are going to take time, so think about it in terms of daily living–will the project get in the way of day to day tasks? Will it require staying with relatives or friends? What is the addition’s projected end date? Ask your remodeling contractor these questions before getting started.

Will the Addition Save Energy?

No addition to your home should function as an energy “vampire” and drastically increase heating and cooling bills. Talk to your contractor about energy-efficient windows and fixtures to keep costs down and reduce environmental impact.

Is There a Space in My Home That Can Be Converted?

Perhaps your home features a space that may be converted into a room, and no addition is needed. Attics and basements are the most common options, though there may be other rooms in your home you don’t frequent that could use a makeover. Converting an existing space is the easier option, so discuss it with your family and your contractor.

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