Home Remodeling Encino: Beautiful Encino, California is a higher end housing market in the great Los Angeles area.  This is a highly desirable area to live, therefore people often choose to remodel their homes rather than move.  Precise Home Builders has nearly 30 years of experience remodeling homes in the L.A. area.

Home Remodeling Encino Professionals

Home Remodeling Encino: Precise Home Builders is an all-in-one builder with onsite architects and designers:

  • We do all of the work ourselves therefore you are never dealing with sub-contractors.
  • Precise Home Builders also offers in-house financing to help you through a remodel without the need of getting an expensive construction loan.
  • Our team will work closely with each client to review the existing structure and determine what needs to be enhanced, added upon or built from new.
  • We understand a remodel is a major project and client satisfaction is our number one goal.
  • We treat each Home Remodel in Encino as if it were our own home giving emphasis to even the smallest details.

We take care of the details

When we get started on the project,  your “Home Remodeling Encino” project. We take care of the building permits and comply with all local, state and federal building codes.  We won’t cut corners to save money.  We choose to pass deep discounts onto our clients by using our nearly 30 years of connections with suppliers.  We are able to get the highest quality of materials at deep discounts from lumber to tile and everything in between.

Working within your budget is also high priority.  Due to our numerous resources we are able to offer a selection of materials in various price ranges to ensure you get the quality you want at the price you can afford.

Why Choose Us?

Home Remodeling Encino: we have done many projects in your area, the feedback from clients was very satisfactory. We work with all the latest technology and materials to make your home environmentally sound from windows to solar roof tiles.   We keep our entire staff trained on cutting edge design and technology to remodel using the best on the market.  Our team attends many tradeshows throughout the year to study new techniques and materials which they bring back and we put into practice.  We are able to discern a trend from something much more valuable and durable for years to come.

Call us for “Home Remodeling Encino”

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We will happily walk through your home, listen to your ideas and discuss options available to you.

Rest assured Precise Home Builders has the experience to remodel your home from top to bottom and inside to outside with precision and quality.