A properly utilized garage can add 600 square feet to your home living space!  That’s valuable square footage, especially if you have a driveway big enough to keep your car(s), and don’t mind them being exposed to the elements.  If you have a big enough garage and only want to use one side to park your car, there is always the option of converting just one half.  Converting your garage is becoming more common because it is cheaper than building an entirely new addition from scratch.  Consider these options:


As more and more people work from home these days, a home office has become more of a fixture in home plans.  If you have an older home, or a family, chances are you don’t have an extra room.  Converting your garage, or at least part of it, into an office is a great way to give yourself a secluded and private area in which to work or study.

garage office

Game Room

On the other end of the spectrum is the game room.  Get the kids out of the house and into the garage where you won’t be able to hear them.  A game room usually requires a lot of space, and generally the garage is the biggest space in the house!

gameroom addition

Guest Room

Converting your garage into a guest room will give your friends and family some privacy when they come to visit.  You can even add a bathroom.  Just be aware that adding a bathroom could cost an extra 15-25k, but it will definitely add value to your resale.

Be aware that it may take up to six weeks for a garage renovation to be completed and can involve: raising the floor height to allow for insulation, adding windows and doors, upgrading electrical service, and replacing garage doors with insulated stud walls.