Custom Homes

General Information

House Location:   Sherman Oaks, CA

Project Status:   In Progress

Projected End Date:  June 2019

No. of Bedrooms (Before):  5 (3)

No. of Bathrooms (Before): 6.5 (2.5)

House Value Before:   $1,500,000

House Value After:   $3,500,000

Sqft. Before:  2,000

Sqft. After:  5,700

Pool/Spa: Yes

Step 1

First, we did some excavating and formed the footing to set up the foundations of the new construction.


Step 2

After the land is ready, we place re-bars in footing trenches and install steel posts to create the foundations of the new house.

Step 3

When the foundations are done, we continue by pouring the concrete slab to create the base for the flooring.


Step 4

Now we start framing the house and the second floor, and the shape of the house is starting to appear.