A small bathroom can seem like a curse. You find the perfect home, but it just doesn’t have a spacious bathroom. A tiny bathroom doesn’t have to be a curse, it can be a plus! Making over a small bathroom, otherwise known as a powder room, can be fun and challenging! Whether  a dual shower and bath, or a cute over – the – toilet cabinet be in the works, both can transform that small powder room from dull to fabulous! All you need is an awesome bathroom remodeling company.

Create A Design and Game Plan for Your Powder Room Remodel

Before hiring a contractor, a basic design should be created first. Checking out online catalogues or magazines can shed light on the possibilities with a small bathroom, and can bring about some awesome ideas for a personalized project design. Color scheme, fixtures, and miscellaneous decor can give a basic idea of what the final outcome will be once the project begins. Hiring a licensed contractor can also help because they will know appropriate regulations when it comes to beginning the powder room project. Not only that, but they may have pictures of past projects that can help outline the project.

Decorate and Find Decoration That Compliment Your Space

Small bathrooms are limited in size, but the possibilities for decor choices don’t have to be limited. The decor is more important than the size. Choosing the right color scheme can make the room appear bigger than it is, while some colors make a space feel stuffy and crowded. Light, pale tones are best, while deep tones can make the room appear crowded. Picking the appropriate mirrors, and pictures can also change the way a small room looks. Mirrors make the room look bigger while some pictures can make the room feel cluttered.

Optimize for Storage

Small decorations can also liven up a small room as long as they don’t take up too much space. If the room needs additional storage, implementing cabinets over the toilet or on the walls can also get rid of unwanted clutter that is caused by hygienic products, cleaning products, extra towels, and even toilet paper. Cabinets can tuck extra products away behind nice, neat cabinets. This also clears space on the ground. Utilizing racks can also save space. Buying a shelf that also has a towel rack can also be useful. Multiple towel racks can save a lot of space and provide a lot of storage.

If there’s no room for every day shampoos and conditioners, shower caddies can also come in handy. Replacing a shower curtain with glass sliding doors can also make the room appear bigger than it is. If there is no space for a full length mirror, getting one that hangs over the door is a great and inexpensive alternative! The possibilities are endless when it comes to renovating a small bathroom. If you need more advice on bathroom remodeling for small spaces, call Precise Home Builders today. We offer free 3D design consultations so you can see your powder room reborn before your very eyes.