The Great Outdoors Inside

“Be one with nature” the wise, enlightened guru tells you. If you live in a bustling, busy city it can be all too easy to forget about nature. Even if you aren’t Mighty Jack Camper with a closet full of REI gear for the great outdoors, even if you utterly despise the thought of going camping, there’s still something soothing about a bouquet of flowers or the blade-like leaves of a snake plant reaching its vibrant green spears towards the ceiling.

Fresh foliage in any room brings with it a certain feeling of life and vibrancy. However, not every room is impeccably lit for a mini-greenhouse, and you won’t be knocking out walls any time soon. Also, not everyone is this super amazing green thumb you perceivably have to be to have living plants inside that actually stay alive. Well, guess what? You’re not SOL like you think. Here’s a list of low-light, low-maintenance indoor plants that will bring you a little closer to nature:


This stock plant is a stunning green, grows with practically zero effort, and is said to bring good fortune. They’re perfectly simple in both appearance and maintenance. They require rocks and distilled water and a vase large enough to hold them and keep an inch of water above the top of the roots. That’s it. Water it as the level starts to sink. It thrives in indirect light, bringing the right amount of brightness to a darkened corner.

Aloe Vera

A very forgiving plant, aloe vera can go weeks without water. Its leaves reach up and out like tender tentacles, and its soft, delicate green color has a calming appeal. Not to mention the soothing gel locked inside the plump leaves. You can be beige and use it for after sun care like everyone else. But drinking aloe vera water can help with hydration, clearer skin, and it contains multiple vitamins and minerals including potassium, zinc, and manganese.

Kentia Palm

Floor plants are a great way to fill a void with something simple. This palm tree has long, slender stems with feathery leaves that reach up and arc outward. So like Baby, you won’t want to stuff it in a corner. But near a window that only receives indirect light is the perfect place for this rich, darker green plant. They’ll be more expensive up front, as they grow slower than other palms, but they’re also more durable in the long run.

Statement Vases

When you add plants to your home you’re not just giving the room a little life, you’re also giving it flair. The planters and vases have equal opportunity to brighten up a room. Whether you prefer minimalism with plain white, black, or gray ceramics or you enjoy a brilliant color and bold design the opportunity to inject a little more of you style awaits. Don’t forget about textures either! A plain white vase with a studded pattern around its base, or a mix of flat and glossy finishes will say as much as a bright aegean sea blue vase that’s three feet high.

For an exclusive 2019 fix: Simple flower bouquets in a plain glass vase add the perfect touch of color and life. Use this as an opportunity to inject the Pantone color of 2019 – Living Coral – into your kitchen or living room. Spray roses, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips, or Calla Lilies, you name it, it’ll come in coral. Change them as they turn for something new every week.