Kitchen are high traffic area. Everyone walks through your kitchen on a daily basis… Your kids, your pets, your husband or your wife, family, and friends. Everyone eventually will walk through your kitchen. And that foot traffic gets even worse when your kitchen has a door connected to the backyard. Dirt and gravel tracked in on the bottom of shoes can scuff up and severely damage your kitchen floors.

So what type Kitchen Flooringof kitchen flooring is best for high traffic floors?

One of the top varieties of kitchen flooring for high traffic areas is tile. Not only does it have the advantage of being durable, but also it is quite budget-friendly and is a great DIY option for a kitchen remodel. A top piece of advice with tile is to note its hardness factor, which should be four or five for kitchen floors.

Another great flooring option for kitchen remodeling is stone. Stone looks beautiful when paired with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Of course, it is much more costly for a complete kitchen remodel than tile is; however, as a natural product, stone easily withstands the test of time. Not all stones are equal, however, some stones are soft and porous. these aren’t ideal for high traffic floors. The best choices for a kitchen renovation include granite and limestone.

Those who cannot afford natural stone when doing a kitchen remodel should consider concrete. Many homeowners fear that their kitchens will look like a garage if they choose concrete for a kitchen renovation. However, today’s concrete can be tinted, etched or stained to create a product that looks nothing like a garage floor. In fact, one of the top tricks is having the concrete stamped to look like pavers. Other trends include staining concrete to look like granite or laying tiles in it.

Finally, wood can work well in high traffic areas if it has a hard, thick finish. When used as kitchen flooring, homeowners should choose a thickness of 12 to 15 millimeters. Solid hardwood is more costly for kitchen remodeling than a laminate choice would be but often looks more natural.

Kitchen remodeling can be a burden to homeowners who are confused by the numerous choices available to them. With these great options for high traffic flooring, they will not need to worry about their flooring wearing out quickly. No matter the budget, there is a durable option for anyone.

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