“Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who is the fairest of them all?”

The mirror plays a part in our daily life. We stare into the mirror as we brush our teeth and comb our hair. We slip on a suit and check our ties in front of a mirror. We mope in front of the mirror and stand on the bathroom scale at night, sighing, “I got to lose a few pounds.” Then we go to the gym, pick up a pair of dumbbells, and check our exercise form in a mirror. But one ever thinks about the mirror. It is just there, ever present.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, or simply looking to give a bit of UMPH! to an old bathroom, take a look at your mirror and then think about replacing it. A new mirror is a quick and easy change that can give your bathroom a totally new feel. Although stay away from the magic, talking varieties. Those always lead to problems for their owners.

A Single or a Double Mirror?

One of the bigger choices you have when remodeling your bathroom is the choice between a single mirror, or twin mirrors; also known as “His and Hers” Vanities. The choice comes down to space and the way you and your significant other use the bathroom.Bathroom Mirror | Classic Black and White

His and Her Vanities work well if you have a large master bathroom. They occupy valuable wall space and give a bathroom a luxurious feel. If you have a smaller bathroom two mirrors and two sinks may take up too much space. Suddenly, your bathroom doesn’t feel luxurious, just feels cramped.

Also put some thought into how you and your significant other use the bathroom. Do you both work on a 9 to 5 schedule? Do you often find yourself fighting for time in front of the mirror for time and space? Then a double vanity makes a lot of sense. If you have separate bathrooms, or you and your SO have different work schedules maybe a single mirror makes more sense to you.

What Kind of Mirror Goes with My Bathroom

If you are completely remodeling your bathroom, then the sky is the limit when it comes to mirror selection, but if you are making a few slight changes to improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom you will really want to account for style.

If your bathroom is filled with rustic accents and old world charm the best mirror is probably not the one that is super sleek and ultra-modern. On the other hand if your bathroom is super sleek and modern a rustic mirror probably isn’t your best choice.

Choose a style of mirror that fits with your style and compliments your bathroom.

Make Sure You Consider Lighting

A mirror is only as good as the lighting that surrounds it. So when installing a new bathroom mirror make sure you have adequate lighting. If you don’t have great lighting, consider adding lighting for your mirror. After all, take it from a guy, there is nothing worse than shaving in the dark.

If you’ve found your perfect mirror but when you look into discover that the rest of your bathroom is less than perfect, contact the bathroom remodeling experts at Precise Home Builders. We offer complete bathroom makeovers in a little more than two weeks.