Kitchen Remodeling Canoga Park, CA

Canoga Park is an exceptional location in Los Angeles filled with exceptional homes. Precise Home Builders takes pride in providing kitchen remodeling to the fine folks of Canoga Park. We’re a reputable company with over two decade’s experience in the home renovation industry.

No need to wait an entire month for your kitchen completion, when working with our team you’ll have a new kitchen within 18 days. We’ll provide an accurate schedule describing what procedures will be in place each day and which worker will be in your home. Our mission is to make this a smooth process.

Whether you’re transitioning from a contemporary kitchen to a more rustic appeal, we have you covered. Each contractor is fully licensed, bonded, insured and has undergone an extensive background check. We’re a professional company hosting a team of professionally trained designers, electricians, contractors and architects.

To make the procedure as simple as possible, Precise Home Builders will designate a Project Manager to oversee the contractors who are working on your kitchen. He will handle all building codes and permits along with making sure each person is doing his job to the best of his availability. When working with the Project Manager, he will be there to answer your questions at any time.

We use a cutting-edge 3D software where you can visualize different design plans and choose which best fits your taste. Additionally, you can make adjustments before we begin to ensure you are completely satisfied. Rather than pay for repairs you didn’t want, you’ll know exactly what will be done to your kitchen.

Canoga Park is filled with various hiking trails, scenic views, recreation facilities, shopping and much more. This is an ideal location for family as it’s just a drive from downtown Los Angeles but is a quaint, quiet locality. Many homes here have a great upkeep, this includes the kitchen. Let Precise Home Builders provide you with a free in-home estimate so we can get your kitchen up to par.

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  • Free professional design services from the Kitchen Remodeling Burbank team!
  • Highly functional custom kitchen within your budget – in just 18 days!
  • Save on kitchen countertops, fixtures, tiles, marble, appliances and other materials from our wide range of trusted wholesalers and retailers.
  • Unmatched quality thanks to over 25 years of experience with Kitchen remodeling Burbank expertise.


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