Kitchen Remodeling Granada Hills, CA

When you’re in need of a kitchen renovation in Granada Hills, let Precise Home Builders complete an immaculate remodel. If you have a gorgeous interior but lack elegance in your kitchen, why wait to perform a kitchen makeover?

We have over 25 year’s experience and have seen an assortment of kitchens from outdated, traditional to kitchens that only need a new countertop. We’re here to assist in any project at a competitive price. At Precise Home Builders, we’re not here to burn a hole through you’re wallet. We offer 100% financing and payment options so you can rest easy while we remodel your kitchen.

3D Software

Explore options with our cutting-edge 3D software, used by our highly knowledgeable designers. View kitchen designs and styles that you can incorporate into your kitchen. Grab ideas to create a kitchen that radiates and complete a total custom kitchen. By involving yourself with our 3D technology, you won’t have to pay extra expenses to repair a remodel you weren’t satisfied with. You’ll have knowledge of the end results before we begin.

18 Day Renovation

In 18 days or less, Precise Home Builders will have your kitchen completely renovated. We’ll provide you with a designated Project Manager who works strictly with your home and your home only. He will oversee the architects, contractors and designers to ensure your kitchen is renovated in a timely and professional manner. A day-to-day schedule is provided so you aren’t left in the dark about who’s in your home. Along with this, all city building permits and regulations are handled by our team.

Granada Hills is a quiet, safe location to raise a family and as your family grows, you’ll surely need more space. Our contractors will help you save on cabinets, tiles and fixtures as all our products are through our exclusive network of direct wholesale. More importantly, we will provide full disclosure of project and payment schedules in writing.

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  • Free professional design services from the Kitchen Remodeling Burbank team!
  • Highly functional custom kitchen within your budget – in just 18 days!
  • Save on kitchen countertops, fixtures, tiles, marble, appliances and other materials from our wide range of trusted wholesalers and retailers.
  • Unmatched quality thanks to over 25 years of experience with Kitchen remodeling Burbank expertise.


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