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When the good citizens of Santa Monica want their kitchen remodeled their first call is usually to our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica team. When you live in Santa Monica a day at the beach is a day that ends in Y. You can grab your bike and pedal down to Third Street Promenade for a hot coffee date, stroll lazily across the Santa Monica Pier, lounge on the beach, and be back before dinner time.

But when dinner time rolls around do you step into your kitchen and get a slight tinge of dread. Do you look at your kitchen floors and shudder? Do you have post-traumatic stress when you think about trying to organize over stuffed kitchen cabinets? Does the sight of your kitchen sink fill you with the urge to jump back on your back and opt for dinner at a restaurant on Main Street?

Don’t live in dread fear of your kitchen. Get your kitchen remodeled. Precise Home Builders has been remodeling kitchens in Santa Monica since 1987. Our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica team specializes in luxury kitchen renovations that look beautiful and add value to your home. Call or contact our kitchen makeover crew for a free 3D consultation today.

What Kind of Kitchen Remodel Is Right for Me?

Our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica design team can help you discover what kind of kitchen remodel is right for you. People often want to get rid of their old kitchen, but a lot of times they don’t know where to start. Do I want a modern kitchen? Do I want a traditional kitchen? Do I want some that’s contemporary? And what do those things even mean?

Precise Home Builders understands the confusion that comes from kitchen remodeling projects. But we have a staff of in-house designers to help you sort through the confusion. Our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica designers keep up with the latest and greatest kitchen remodeling trends. You don’t need to be a kitchen design expert, because we have experts for you.

Our designers will sit down with you and go through all your options. They’ll ask you about what you plan to use your kitchen for and how you want to use your new kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica staff will also help integrate your tastes and style into your kitchen renovation. So bring in magazine ads, YouTube videos, and Pinterest boards.

We will work with you to design your dream kitchen.

How Long Does Kitchen Take to Renovate?

Our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica team can renovate a kitchen in 18 Days. How does Precise Home Builders do it?

We don’t use subcontracted labor. Everyone that works on your kitchen remodeling project works for Precise Home Builders. This allows us to remodel your kitchen in 18 days. This also means we can assure that every part of your kitchen remodel will be done to Precise Home Builder’s exacting standards.

Precise Home Builders also assigns a dedicated kitchen remodeling Santa Monica project manager for every kitchen remodeling project. This project manager will be available to you 24/7 to answer any questions and address any problems that arise. Your Project Manager will also coordinate with wholesalers to make sure all construction materials every on time.

Experience the Precise Home Builders difference

What makes our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica team different? We guarantee that your kitchen remodel will be easy and stress-free. We have been making over kitchens since 1987, and our kitchen remodeling Santa Monica team is one of the most respected in the construction industry. Ready to stop hating your kitchen? Ready to start loving your kitchen? Call Precise Home Builders today. We offer free consultations and financing options.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. Fill out our contact form or give us a call directly: (800) 805-0692

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