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Precise Home Builders has been providing kitchen remodeling to Venice Beach, California since 1987. Venice Beach is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Can you think of anywhere else that really typifies why people flock to Southern California?

The sandy beaches and rolling white waves carrying surfers back and forth on the early morning tide. The grind of skateboard trucks against concrete at Venice Skate Park. The clank of iron and steel, the vague smell of sweat, and names like Joe Gold and Arnold Schwarzenegger ring out from Muscle Beach. The Venice Beach Boardwalk that is populated with Venice’s most interesting characters.

Everyone that lives in the Los Angeles area harbors a secret dream of living in Venice Beach. But if you live in Venice Beach what do you dream of? May be you look around your kitchen and dream of new granite countertops, the latest in stainless steel appliances, and new flooring that looks elegant but can still take a pounding from your family of beach bums?

If that is your dream than Precise Home Builders is here to make it happen.

How Does Kitchen Remodeling Work?

We know that you have a busy life of work, school activities with the kids, and a social life that can run you ragged. A life in Venice Beach can be far from a day at the beach. Precise Home Builders understands the demands of your busy, so we strive to make the entire kitchen renovation process as easy for you as possible.

Need help designing your new kitchen? Precise Home Builders has a staff of designers that are at the top of their field and who have their own unique sense of style. Our designers can take all your ideas and combine them into a kitchen remodel you’ll love.

Our design team will build your entire kitchen remodel in a computer. You’ll be able to play with this 3D model and move various parts of your new kitchen around. Don’t like something? You can get rid of it with a click of the delete key. This means you’ll save time and money by making changes before construction starts.

Once you’ve approved the final design of your new kitchen, Precise Home Builders will handle everything from there. We take care of blueprints, permits, construction, inspections, and clean up. You don’t have to do anything.

Precise Home Builders prides itself on being a one stop kitchen remodeling solution.

Why Choose Precise Home Builders for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Precise Home Builders has served the Venice Beach community since 1987. Our mission is to provide homeowners in Venice Beach the best remodeling options available. We are committed to adding value to homes at a price anyone can afford.

Ready to remodel your kitchen and finally make your dream a reality? Call Precise Home Builders today and we’ll set you up with a free in-home consultation.


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