Remember your first bathroom? I do. It was the size of a closet in a studio apartment at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. Somehow the designers of this apartment had managed to cram a shower, a vanity, a medicine cabinet and a toilet into a fit that was barely fit for a poor man’s suit collection. Despite all that stuff crammed into that bathroom there was never enough storage. No matter how hard I tried things would just end up in hasty piles on the sink or scattered on the floor.bathroom storage | shelves

Bathroom storage is a perennial problem; even when you reach the point in your life where you have a house, a wife, and two and a half kids, it always seems really hard to organize a bathroom and keep it organized. So there are some simple bathroom renovations you can do yourself to add more storage space in your bathroom.

Add Shelves

Shelving is a great option for any bathroom, whether you are dealing with an apartment in Hollywood or a house in Woodland Hills. You can find shelving solutions at just about any big box store, or a certain seller of post-modern Swedish furniture. You can also find shelving in many different styles, from wood laminate to steel.
The best part? You can install shelving yourself. All you need to install shelves are some drywall screws, anchor, and a drill with bits and screwdriver attachments. You may also want to pick up a stud finder so you can ensure that your shelves are securely mounted into your bathroom wall.

One note about placement… Make sure you measure and install your shelving in the right place. Shelves that are placed too low are corners waiting for a forehead to smack into, shelves that are placed too high means you won’t be able to use them.

Shower Caddies Are Your Friend

Yes, yes the shower caddie. The bathroom equivalent of a pocket protector, but never mock a bathroom renovation that costs $19.95 and can give you a handy-dandy place to store all your lotions, shampoos, body wash, and conditioners. Also your shower caddie doesn’t have to be cheesy. There are all kinds of designer shower caddies that range from old fashioned teak to sexy stainless steel.

Clean Up Your Bathroom

If you’ve got dozens of shampoo bottles and soaps stacked on your bathtub, sink, and shower you probably say to yourself, “Wow, I just don’t have enough space.” Here is a quick bathroom renovation that really isn’t a renovation at all. Clean up and clear off all those half-filled bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soaps. Limit yourself to one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner in a shower caddie or keep it on a shelf.
Suddenly you have so much space!

The Other Option

Then sometimes a small bathroom is just a small bathroom, and no amount of organization, accessories and cleaning will fix that basic fact. If you own a house and your bathroom isn’t living up to your standards, call a qualified bathroom renovation company, like Precise Home Builders, to makeover your bathroom into that you will love for years to come.