Tired of looking at those outdated appliances, peeling linoleum, or old, ratty cabinets?  It’s time for a kitchen remodel!  Ever thought about going modern?  Having a kitchen that is not only functional but also stylish will lift your spirits and put you in the mood to do some serious cooking.  Contemporary kitchens emphasize sleek lines, an open plan, and an uncluttered, streamline design.

Materials you will find in a contemporary kitchen include Quartz, stainless steel, marble, veined granite, onyx, and plenty others.  Stainless steel is becoming quite popular due to its sleek, modern look, and its high durability and ease to clean.  High-end appliances are almost exclusively sold in stainless steel, but some may go as far as stainless steel countertops and accent pieces.

Glass is a popular addition, whether as a table, accent piece, back-splash, or cabinet window.  Light-reflecting tiles as a back-splash keep a uniform look while enhancing other surfaces.  Add glass doors to cabinets to give a preview, or frosted glass if you don’t want everyone to see what your kitchen is stacking.

On the topic of Cabinets, there are many different styles and colors to choose from when deciding to go contemporary.  Try and streamline your cabinets with your appliances and even the wall if possible.  Go for a uniform look, emphasizing strong lines, either vertical or horizontal.  Try dark mahogany with stainless steel appliances, or with splashes of deep color thrown in.  Consider changing the bottom layer of cabinets into floating shelves, allowing for easy access to cups and bowls.  There are many fascinating cabinet designs, including ones that open from bottom to top and top to bottom.