Precise Home Builders will be your best choice for your new construction.

We are proud to be the best in Los Angeles when it comes to residential construction. We specialize in making homes both beautiful and functional so that they meet your needs perfectly!
The Precise Home Builders team has an unmatched passion for their work! Our commitment to excellence is visible through our high-quality workmanship and the way we approach each project, from excavation until the final touches, such as landscaping, are applied after construction is complete. These people will go above what was asked or expected!

With the help of a professional contractor, you can enjoy your dream house without breaking the bank. We will design and build it with top-quality materials for an affordable price! Our first meeting might contribute to the idea that already exists in your mind or create something new altogether. At this point, we form a complete picture which includes making things look more realistic by digitally representing them (3D rendering).

Using your input, we will produce a product aligned with the design specifications you provide. Our builders are among the finest, and they work together to ensure each detail on our creations meets all requirements for completion. At the same time, general contractor creates renderings based off models built according to those same standards as well!

You’ll be amazed by our quality!

After we process all the necessary paperwork, you can call a place “home” for as long as you want! We’ll take care of everything from acquiring construction materials to ensuring projects run smoothly until completion, so relax because our team is on it.

Precise Home Builders is more than just a builder; we are also experienced interior and exterior designers. With our expert team, you can expect an immaculate house with beautiful furniture or flooring installations that match the finest of details on a new construction project from start to finish!

A dedicated team that always delivers.

No two homes are alike. That’s why our team is committed to helping you find the perfect style for your new home, with one-on-one consultations and an unwavering commitment that all materials used in construction meet high-quality standards!

We won’t stop working until we get it just right – trust us, there isn’t anything more satisfying than creating something tailored specifically around YOU!

An experienced construction company is ready to build you a beautiful home.
With the help of Precise Home Builders, you’ll get a custom-built house that is energy-efficient and cost-effective. With hundreds of houses built already in the past few years – we know what we’re doing! And with all this experience under one roof comes a customer service philosophy: selflessness guiding every step while ensuring success for new homeowners; contact us today if interested by calling (833) 348-1815.

We are here to serve and guide you to receive the best service available in the Los Angeles area today! Our client’s satisfaction is the only thing we need. Don’t hesitate, contact our fantastic team and you won’t regret it!


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