patioThinking of remaking your patio into a fabulous, tranquil oasis for morning coffee, afternoon reading, and spending time with friends and family? There’s plenty of ways to go about it, from contemporary to rustic options and everything in between. Check out a few ideas courtesy of your Glendale home renovation specialists:

Outdoor Curtains and Drapes

A simple yet elegant and effective way to enjoy patio privacy, outdoor curtains and drapes are specially made to withstand the elements and move with gentle breezes. Pair them with plush outdoor seating for a cozy enclosure friends and family will love.

Huge Windows

Perhaps your patio is already plenty private, but you’d still like to enclose it in some fashion. Huge windows are an excellent way to do this, and allow light to stream through and hit any plants you have in the space. You may also utilize blinds, such as bamboo blinds, for added privacy if desired. Adding a skylight for even greater effect.

Courtyard Walls

Offering total privacy, courtyard walls allow you to enclose your patio space, no roof required. Go for the classic brick or natural stone wall, or opt for living walls and enjoy surrounding yourself with lush vegetation. Walls are also ideal when seeking to block less-than-attractive views.

Detached Covers

Is your patio separate from the rest of the house, such as in the middle of the yard? Detached covers look great and offer a nice, secluded rest spot for reading and relaxing. Think rustic options that look fantastic with vining plants. Put a table and chairs in the middle of the patio and add a porch swing on the one side if desired.

Shade Canopies

Typically comprised of fabric and metal, shade canopies offer protection from the sun and are available in a range of designs and materials. Use them to shade large and small patios alike for a modern look.

These are just some of the patio enclosure options to discuss with your Glendale experts in home renovations! For more on patio and other home remodeling services, please contact Precise Home Builders today.