Memorial Day is right around the corner. What are your plans? A day at the beach? A BBQ with friends? A quick bathroom renovation? Wait, you are saying to yourself. I can remodel my bathroom over a three weeks? That is madness! No, it is not madness, and it isn’t Sparta either. While you won’t be able to completely demolish your bathroom and replace it with a spa bathtub and waterfall shower in three days there are a few things you can do to spruce up and spice up your bathroom.Memorial Day Kitchen Renovations

Besides, you don’t want to go to the beach. You live in Los Angeles; you can go to the beach any day of the week. Why go on the one weekend when everyone else goes to the beach?

Top Five Memorial Day Bathroom Makeovers

1. Clean Your Bathroom

You have no doubt jumped up from your chair and declared, “Oh, boy that is exactly how I wanted to spend my Memorial Day Weekend!” But let’s be honest when was the last time you gave your bathroom a serious, deep cleaning? If the answer was, back when Daniel Powter had the number song on the Billboard Charts and Borat was in theaters, then it is time to give your bathroom a deep cleaning.

A few hours spent scrubbing your shower tile, mopping the floor, and scraping dried toothpaste off the sink can give your bathroom a renovated feel almost instantly.

2. Buy New Bathroom Accessories

When was the last time you bought new rugs for your bathroom? When was the last time you swapped out the soap dishes and the toothpaste? Are there cans of shaving cream and bottles of body wash piled in the corners of your bathtub? Yeah, let me guess, it was when you were driving along jamming to Daniel Powter on your way to see Borat the Movie.

Buying new bathroom accessories can give your bathroom an incredibly new and fresh feel for a very small investment of $100, along with a trip to a department store with “Beyond” in its name.

And here is a pro-tip for men. Want to give those bathroom accessories an air of vintage masculinity? Buy a wet shaving kit. A chrome safety razor and a badger brush nicely displayed on a stand and accompanied by a bowl filled with shaving soap gives your bathroom an edge of Don Draper Lives Here. Also, learning to use a safety or straight razor will shave you huge amounts of money on razor blades.

3. While You Are At It … Buy Some Towels

Everyone starts out with the ambition of a perfectly matched set of linens. Towels and wash clothes purchased especially to match or compliment your bathroom color schemes. But in just five short years your perfectly matched set of towels has turned into a riot of mismatched and orphaned towels. There is that ugly green towel your ex-girlfriend loves, and the ugly striped towel your wife brought with her when you moved in, and there are those random hotel towels you acquired on business trips.

Take advantage of those Memorial Day sales and treat your bathroom to a fresh set of matched linens. New towels and linens will return a coordinated look and feel to your bathroom.

4. Get Rid of Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains get absolutely no love. People use them until they are tattered threads, resembling a flag from a war torn country. Do your old shower curtain a favor and put it out of its misery. Buy a new one.

And don’t just buy the same one.

Get funky and use a little imagination. Try a funky shower curtain, or something a little quirky. Big Star Wars fan? How about a Star Wars theme shower curtain. Go a little nuts and find something that makes you smile.

5. Replace Your Medicine Cabinet

This one requires a bit of DIY knowledge but not much. Medicine cabinets can get fairly dirty over the years. Often times they get past the stage where people can clean them up. So take a trip to your local hardware store and buy a new medicine cabinet. You can install one in a couple hours in most cases.

And if All Else Fails

If you still look at your bathroom and sigh with displeasure, call the expert home remodelers at Precise Home Builders. Precise Home Builders has renovated bathrooms in the Los Angeles area for more than twenty years. Free consultations and financing are provided. You will have to bring the Daniel Powter CDs and copy of Borat on DVD.