Solar-PanelsConsidering making the switch to solar energy? There’s plenty of reasons to do so. Check out a mere few of these reasons and talk to your favorite home renovation experts in Studio City about going green today:

It Pays For Itself

While initial solar system installation cost may seem “up there,” it will more than pay for itself in very little time. Besides installation and routine maintenance, solar energy is free! The power of the sun is all you need to keep your household running as opposed to costly materials such as coal and oil. And while panel longevity varies depending on which company you work with, you’ve still got a few decades before system replacement is necessary.


Forget about running a noisy furnace! The photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into energy generate no noise whatsoever.

Lowered Energy Bills

Since solar energy is free, you can look forward to a serious decrease in your energy bills. Such bills often skyrocket during extreme weather, so rather than weeping in the summer or winter due to crazy-high utility bills, keep costs low with solar energy.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Going solar allows you to seriously reduce your carbon footprint and therefore contribute to a greener, healthier planet. No carbon, fossil fuels, or methane is emitted when using a solar energy system, nor is any damaging drilling or similar activities required to obtain the energy.

Rebates and Incentives

Generally speaking, you’ll enjoy a range of rebates and incentives by making the switch to solar energy. Many times, incentives allow you to claim tax credits, which helps reduce installation costs.

Don’t worry if the sun isn’t shining, or you live in an area that’s less-than-sunny…solar panels work even in cloudy weather! While they do work best when the sun is shining, they still function, albeit at a reduced rate, on cloudy days. They also feature battery banks for nighttime use.

To learn more about solar panels or to discuss other home remodeling possibilities, contact the Studio City home renovations experts at Precise Home Builders today.