Your kitchen is the heart of your home. But on a long enough timeline you will get tired of looking at the same kitchen year after year. Your cabinets will begin to feel stale and old. Your walls will feel dingy. One day the knob will break off your oven and you will mutter Oscar Wilde’s famous deathbed witticism, “This wallpaper is atrocious either it or I have to go.”

However, not everyone can afford a full kitchen renovation. There are some budget friendly ways to Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacingupdate your kitchen and avoid Oscar Wilde’s fate. And it all starts with your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is a budget friendly and Do-It-Yourself friendly option for kitchen remodeling. You can resurface your cabinets in a weekend or so, and give your kitchen a completely fresh look. Cabinet resurfacing and painting is also a cheap way to increase the value of your home. So if you are ready to sell and need to lure in buyers, resurface your kitchen cabinets.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing?

A traditional kitchen remodel will typically involve replacing all your kitchen cabinets. When you resurface your kitchen cabinets, you keep the basic cabinet, and instead update the look of that cabinet. Resurfacing kitchen cabinets involves swapping out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers (knobs and brass pulls for instance), changing out your cabinet doors and drawers, and painting your cabinets. You can also opt to either reuse or swap out the hinges for your cabinet doors as well.

How Long Does it Take to Resurface a Kitchen Cabinet?

It would take an average person a weekend (two days) to resurface the kitchen cabinets in the average kitchen. If you have a lot of kitchen cabinets, or are doing an extensive amount of painting you can safely assume that you may spend two weekends resurfacing your cabinets.

So you can safely estimate that you’ll spend at least two days resurfacing kitchen cabinets. Don’t have the time? Professional kitchen renovation companies, like Precise Home Builders, offer cabinet resurfacing as an option for most remodels.

What Tools Do I Need to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets?

The beauty of kitchen cabinet resurfacing is that its simple. You’ll need a screwdriver set, a tape measure, a level, and sandpaper. You may want to also grab a drill too. If you are painting you’ll also want a set of paint brushes

What Kind of Cabinets Are Good Candidates for Resurfacing?

Not every cabinet is a candidate for a face lift. If your cabinets are handmade or custom, you likely have a good patient. If you have mass produced cabinets from the mid-1980s onward you may not have the best candidate for cabinet resurfacing.

When you are deciding whether to resurface or replace cabinets you’ll also want to consider functionality. Do you have enough space with your current kitchen cabinet set up? Are your kitchen cabinets functional? Do you just hate the look of your cabinets? If the answer is Yes, then kitchen cabinet resurfacing may be right for you. If the answer is No.

Are you feeling pumped up and ready to go? Great, take a trip to your local hardware store and pick up a kitchen resurfacing kit to get start. Feeling a bit intimidated? You can always call our kitchen remodeling specialists at Precise Home Builders for advice and a free estimate on a kitchen remodel.