Room Addition & New Construcion in Los Angeles, CA

A room addition from Precise Home Builders can help you meet the needs of an expanding family and a changing life. Adding a room or converting a garage is an often overlooked way to expand your home in Los Angeles. Many people consider buying a new home when life changes and they find themselves in need of another bedroom or a home office. They think that a room addition is too expensive, or involves too much red tape, or they simply overlook the idea of adding a room.

Can I Add a Room to a House? (addition)

You can add a room onto a house and our room addition experts can show you how. Precise Home Builders can show you how we have added bedrooms, bathrooms, and even second floors to many houses in the Los Angeles Areaa. The key to a good room addition is using a good contractor that knows proper construction techniques, and one that can also help you successfully navigate getting the right permits so that your room addition is done legally.

Precise Home Builders has been in the business of room additions for over 20 years. We are here to make you rethink moving. A room addition allows you to get another ten or twenty years use out of your existing home without the expense and headaches of buying a new home. Precise Home Builders makes adding a room or converting a garage affordable and easy.

Room Addition & New Construction

Can I Add a Fonzie Apartment to My Garage?

A skilled room addition company can help you add a fonzie apartment to your apartment. Precise Home Builders can help you convert your garage into home office space, or into a “fonzie apartment” for extra living space. People often buy homes with garages, but they never use their garage for their cars. So, why not take that wasted space and use it for something useful? Precise Home Builders can help you convert your garage into a space you can use.

Do I Need a Permit for a Room Addition?

You will need a permit for a room addition regardless of the city where your home is located. Precise Home Builders handles all building permits for you. That means you will never have to worry about whether you are adding a bedroom or bathroom “the right way”. When you use our room addition team we will always make sure it is done the right way.

Why Should I Choose Precise Home Builders for You Next Room Addition?

Precise Home Builders provides affordable yet elegant room additions to the average consumer. We have a wide network of suppliers. This allows Precise Home Builders to offer deeply discounted building materials to our customers. We also employ our own design team and our own architect.

Precise Home Builders does 100% of the work. This eliminates subcontractors and further reduces the cost of a room addition. Precise Home Builders also handles all the necessary permits and inspections for new construction and room additions.

The Precise Home Builders Difference

Precise Home Builders makes the process of adding a room, or converting a garage in Los Angeles easy. So before you move, consider a room addition from Precise Home Builders. We provide free estimates and complete consultations. We also offer connections for to a wide array of wholesalers so our customers save money on discounted construction materials. You can also get financing for a room addition from Precise Home Builders.

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