Davidov after
Lewis-2ND Story Room Addition- Woodland Hills Before

Some people are lucky to buy their dream house first time around, but for most homeowners they saw potential in their house eventually becoming a “dream home.” The potential in most homes can be achieved through remodeling, but some visions can only become a reality by additions and new construction.

Additions and new construction are excellent options for when you, the homeowner, want to plan ahead for the future. Whether you’re having your first child or would like to eventually have more kids further down the road, additions and constructions are perfect for a growing family.

The first step in making space for the future of your home and your life is to decide what you’ll need. The best way to start the process is by accessing what your home is missing or the little nuances you’d like to change. Are you tired of always bumping elbows with your husband in the closet? Is your work space overflowing onto the kitchen table? Hmm…sounds like it is about time to invest in an office, a den, or even a loft.

Davidov after

Investment is the keyword. By adding on a room and new construction to your home, you are making an investment towards your future in the house and increasing the market value of home. Increasing market value is always a good reality to consider, but the most important thing is ensuring that your family can live happily and comfortable. A happy house is a happy family. 🙂

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