Room Addition North Hills, CA


At Prime home builders we have over 25 years of experience in the room additions North Hills reconstruction and remodeling industry. From a room addition to changing a garage or basement into living quarters, everything is designed to be cost effective for the client.

Why hire our North Hills Remodeling Team?

We have professional and experienced room additions North Hills designers, interior decorators, architects and even the workmen are all certified. The designs that we draw up are all customized for each client and we do our best to incorporate all the clients requirements into the plan and as close to the budget as possible.

We initially draw up a computerized room additions North Hills plan with the client in 3D so that the ideas are clear. Once the required additions and subtractions are done a final plan for the room addition is made and a detailed copy is given to the client with a final quote and a completion date.

We source all room additions North Hills supplies and material and with a good network of dealers and contractors we are able to ensure a steady supply of raw material and other requirements to get the work done. Quality checks are done regularly and there is no compromise on quality of the work or in the materials used.

There is a room additions North Hills project manager assigned to the project who supervises the work at all levels. This also keeps a check on the progress of the work and the quality of the workmanship. He is in charge of ensuring that the work is not delayed and that there are no issues with supplies etc.

We have a detailed site at where more information on all our services is available. There is also a photo gallery that has pictures of our designs and will give the client an idea of the quality of our finished product. Call our toll free number for a free consultation at 1-800-805-0692.

All room additions North Hills work is done after city code compliance is checked. No major structural or reconstruction work can be carried out without approval from the authorities and we ensure that all this is done before we start a project. Our in house engineers also ensure that the condition of the house is good before any major construction can commence.

We not only commit to quality in design but ensure a hassle free experience for the customer as well. On completion of the work we will clean up the area and ensure that it is professionally cleaned. All the rubble and debris will be cleared away leaving the space ready for use.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. Fill out our contact form or give us a call directly: (800) 805-0692