Small Bathroom Ideas
Small Bathroom Ideas

Looking to make changes in a powder room or are unable for one reason or another to expand your bathroom’s size? There’s still plenty you can do with a small bathroom space, particularly if utilizing the skills and experience of home renovation experts in Encino. Check out a few small bathroom ideas to discuss with your contractor:

Furniture-Style Vanity

A furniture-style powder room vanity is a great way to make use of a small space, as they typically feature rich, dark colors that helps the walls appear to recede. The vanity is usually the only piece of furniture in a small bathroom, so it makes sense that it has an impact. An Asian-inspired stepped chest is a great example, or any other dark, furniture-type piece.

Dark Wall Color

Small bathrooms are ideal spaces for utilizing dark colors you wouldn’t use in any other room of your home. This is especially true if room already receives a lot of light. Black wallpaper with vertical designs emphasize the height of the room, or try a dark-colored mural painted by you, a gifted friend, or a professional.

Shallow Cabinetry/Shelves

If dealing with a bathroom renovation and the room is not to long and narrow, opt for shallow cabinets or shelving to streamline the space, particularly floor-to-ceiling options. Try combining it with ambient and task lighting to make the room appear larger.

Sink Skirts

Sink skirts are perfect accessories, as many small bathrooms feature pedestal sinks to save space. This often results in exposed plumbing, which is where the sink skirt comes in. You can also use the skirted area as a storage space for more unsightly bathroom items, such as toilet brushes and cleaners.

New Flooring

One of the benefits of renovating a small bathroom as you can easily replace the floor without spending a lot of money, as there’s not much square footage to work with! Choose a beautiful tile pattern that matches your decor theme and go from there.

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