Happy May the 4th and May the 4th be with you.

It was on May 4, 1977 that a little film directed by George Lucas debuted in theaters. That movie changed the lives of people across the world and ignited a new mythology that burns brightly in the hearts of young and old to this day. Of course, I am talking about Star Wars.

Star Wars shaped a generation in countless ways. Even now 36 years later the Star Wars, Empire Strike Back, and Return of the Jedi can teach us about remodeling and construction.

And, no, I am not going for the obvious one about the Death Star’s exhaust port. Family Guy already did it.

Lesson #1: Finish What You Start

Let’s say that you are an Evil Sith Lord who managed to wipe out the Jedi Knights from the galaxy and create a new Galactic Empire. Lately, you have been plagued by pesky Rebels intent on ending your rule. But you have had a vision through the Dark Side of the Force. You know how to destroy your enemies forever. All you need is a second Death Star, a forest moon around Endor, and a shield generator.

But maybe you should FINISH it first? There is a giant hole in your Death Star where someone could fly a fleet of spaceships in and blow up you and your reactor. Then where will your evil plans be? Star Wars Home Remodeling Advice

Not smart. So if you start a remodeling project make sure you finish it. Don’t leave your kitchen remodel project half done. Your cabinets will look terrible, your flooring will crack, and Rebels will probably just blow up your kitchen before you finish it.

If you are doing your own kitchen remodel give yourself a date to complete it by and stick to it. If you are remodeling with a contractor make sure you are working with an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor that will complete your project on time…Hopefully without a visit from the Emperor.

Lesson #2: Design Should Fit Your Space

Ewoks. I know, everyone hates Ewoks these days, because we found out that they were originally supposed to be Wookies, and that would have rocked. But, c’mon, the Ewoks did have one thing going for them. They knew how to build a secret hideaway village that the Empire could not find.

So, when you are designing a bathroom remodel, for instance, pick a design that is functional for you and for the space you are working in. Do not repeat the mistake of the Empire and bring in a bunch of elements (whether it’s a bathtub or an AT-ST scout walker) that do not fit inside the space your remodeling. Instead pick design elements that compliment your existing space. Like a deep soak tub, or a nice tree village hut.

You will thank yourself later, and avoid being pelted by Ewoks with rocks.

Lesson #3: Safe Work Environment Means No Open Reactor Shafts

When you remodeling, whether you are adding a room or adding a throne room to your Death Star, make sure you are always doing things safely.

For instance adding a reactor shaft to your throne room may seem like a great addition. But think down the road a bit. One day your Apprentice is going to remember that he was a good man and turn on you and throw you down that reactor shaft. See when you look at it from that perspective a reactor shaft isn’t a very safe idea.

And it isn’t even practical when you think about it. What are you going to do? Gaze down from your throne at your reactor? Who wants to look at their reactor core anyway?

You can keep your construction project safe by using a licensed remodeling contractor. When you use a licensed, bonded, and insured remodeling contractor you are using professionals that take the safety of their workers, their jobsite, and your home seriously.

The Force Will Be With Your Always

Star Wars, and the fandom that surrounds Star Wars, is ultimately a celebration of creativity and flights of imagination. What can you do when you inspire people and make them dream? Precise Home Builders is never going to build a Death Star and we won’t make the next three Star Wars movies, but we can inspire people in a different ways.

When Precise Home Builders remodels a kitchen or renovates a bathroom they are creating spaces people will love year after year. Maybe in their new remodeled kitchen, they will be inspired to become the next great chef. Or relaxing in their new remodeled bathroom, they will get the idea for the next great movie. Or maybe they will turn their room addition into a studio where they can make great music.

Want to build a space that inspires you? Contact Precise Home Builders today.