The white kitchen is back in style! I am relieved to announce, though, this new trend does not resemble the listless, stark-white kitchen of past decades. After seeing the pristine designs accomplished with multiple tones of white, I hope this new trend is one that will be hanging around for many years. I recently remodeled the appearance of my kitchen with this new approach.

Small Spaces
Small kitchens will benefit from this new trend. The key, when choosing to paint your kitchen white, will be combining multiple tones of white to create visual interest that is easy on the eyes.

Multiple Tones
Choose a few white-toned paint samples that are very closely related. Decide which color tone is best, before purchasing, to ensure you are complimenting the tones used in the rest of your home.

Using the different shades of white will result in a slightly different shade on each of the surfaces you paint. The subtle differences give dimension and depth to the room. As a rule, the room will “read” white.

Multiple Sheen Choices
Keep in mind, while selecting your paint, that the sheen of the paint will have an affect the final color. For each shade of white, select different paint sheens based on where each one will be used.

I prefer to use gloss sheen around counter areas. Cleaning is easier when using a higher sheen finish. Semi-gloss and gloss paint work well in areas requiring frequent scrubbing. Ceilings and walls can be flat or satin. Trim should be semi-gloss or gloss.

My results using the white tone-on-tone painting style are striking and elegant. I love the ability to accessorize my new kitchen with trendy accent colors and not worry about those colors clashing with the white walls.