POOL DESIGNA swimming pool makes a lovely backyard focal point, and adds value to your home. If you know you want a swimming pool on your property but are lost for ideas, check out a few options courtesy of your Arcadia home renovation experts:

Inspiring Swimming Pool Design Ideas:

Rectangular Designs

Perhaps the most basic swimming pool design, rectangular-shaped pools may still have an ‘edge’ to them, such as ones featuring an L shape or rounded hot tub on one end. This basic pool design may also be enhanced with assorted light fixtures.

Water Feature

Pools that include a water feature are popular for a reason–they look amazing! A cascading waterfall that flows into your pool is merely one option, as you can also select from assorted fountain designs. Talk to your Arcadia home renovation specialist about what kind of water feature you want, such as one that features a more rustic or modern look.

Small Options

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pool. Small pool options include oval, circular, and rectangular options, all of which could work in a patio area or as a hidden feature among plants and flowers. Small pools are often referred to as “plunge pools.”

Octagonal Designs

Some pools are designed in the shape of hexagons and octagons! Both are very unique; some pools feature two hexagons or octagons melded together to create a larger option.

Pool Tile Designs

Another possibility is to focus more on the pool tiles than the actual size or shape of the pool. Adding an intricate design to the bottom of the pool always looks fantastic, and as with unusual shapes contributes greatly to the pool as a unique focal point.

Natural Ideas

Want to make your pool look more like a small pond? Plenty of natural swimming pool designs exist, with most using a variety of rocks and stones to create a rustic, tranquil oasis. Some include water features, such as the aforementioned waterfalls, while others are surrounded by beautiful plant life, such as enormous lily pads.

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