As soon as the temperature outside starts rising, you look forward to spending the summer splashing around in your swimming pool. Before you peel off the cover and jump inside, you need to make sure that your pool is still in good condition. We see a number of people come to us because they made a few simple mistakes in the off-season in the hopes of saving money. They throw in a bunch of chemicals, drain the pool or forget to cover it. Even if you made some of those mistakes or forgot a few details, we still want you to know how you can get your pool ready for the summer.

1. Test the Water

You can buy a cheap testing kit from any pool supply store that will ensure your water is suitable for swimming. Some people worry that the kits Swimming Poolaren’t accurate and hire an expensive company to test the water, but that’s just a waste of your time. You can use a simple budget-friendly testing kit to examine the pH balance, alkalinity, mineral content and even the chlorine level of your outdoor pool.

2. Shocking and Cleaning

For beginners, shocking their swimming pools is one of the scariest things associated with owning a pool. Shocking essentially means adding a large amount of chlorine to the water to get rid of any toxins. The chlorine is harsh enough to kill algae and different types of bacteria. You might notice green or gray scum sticking to the sides of the pool, slime on the surface of the water and dark patches on the bottom of the pool. Boosting the chlorine levels will help remove that problem. You should also take the time to vacuum the pool and skim the top to remove any leaves or natural debris.

3. Check Around the Pool

When you check around the pool, you might get a few ideas about swimming pool improvement. If you have an in-ground pool, you need to check the patio for loose or broken tiles, and if you have an above ground pool, check the ladder and any accessories attached to the pool. This is also your chance to add more features to your pool, including a diving board, deck or slide. You’ll find DIY ideas for other features that you can add to your swimming pool. Following these simple steps will help you get your pool ready for summer quickly.

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