What Kind of Mirror Should You Buy for a Bathroom?

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Who is the fairest of them all?”

The mirror plays a part in our daily life. We stare into the mirror as we brush our teeth and comb our hair. We slip on a suit and check our ties in front of a mirror. We mope in front of the mirror and stand on the bathroom scale at night, sighing, “I got to lose a few pounds.” Then we go to the gym, pick up a pair of dumbbells, and check our exercise form in a mirror. But one ever thinks about the mirror. It is just there, ever present.

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How to Make More Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Remember your first bathroom? I do. It was the size of a closet in a studio apartment at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. Somehow the designers of this apartment had managed to cram a shower, a vanity, a medicine cabinet and a toilet into a fit that was barely fit for a poor man’s suit collection. Despite all that stuff crammed into that bathroom there was never enough storage. No matter how hard I tried things would just end up in hasty piles on the sink or scattered on the floor.bathroom storage | shelves

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Quick Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner. What are your plans? A day at the beach? A BBQ with friends? A quick bathroom renovation? Wait, you are saying to yourself. I can remodel my bathroom over a three weeks? That is madness! No, it is not madness, and it isn’t Sparta either. While you won’t be able to completely demolish your bathroom and replace it with a spa bathtub and waterfall shower in three days there are a few things you can do to spruce up and spice up your bathroom.Memorial Day Kitchen Renovations

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What Kind of Shower and Bathtub Should I Buy?

When you think of a bathroom remodel your bathtub is probably the first thing you picture. You probably want to get rid of that old, rust stained tub that has haunted your bathroom for years. When you remodel your bathroom a whole range of bathtub options open up. You have a world of choice. The key is to have a great looking bathroom that you will actually enjoy using.

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